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  • T. Johnson - Smells Horrible, Looks Great

    What I ordered and received were two entirely different items. The can is different and says that is stage 3 in a series; 1-2-3. However, since I maintain a clean engine a bay I thought, go ahead. I did wipe down everything that I could, followed the instructions and sited for it to dry. Before I closed the hood to dry everything looked great. But shortly after driving I was greeted with a horrible smell. Like a cross between dry cleaning fluid and trans. fluid. No way near a pleasant citrus smell. It's bad that part is now I need to clean everything and throw the remaining away. I trusted Gunk, so I was surprised and dejected. My suggestion, DON'T BUY!

  • Amazon Customer - Season 12 is doing a lot better than I expected up until the 5th episode bringing Penny on was a mistake.

    Season 12 is doing a lot better than I expected up until the 5th episode. It was intense and though good in some ways disappointed me by brining in more mediocre actors/actress' that shouldn't be there. I may be biased but since Lexi's intern class I haven't been impressed with the lower residents and attending.

  • Dman - Five Stars

    One of the best costumes out there. The daughter looked amazing and her friends all loved the dress.

  • Sam in NY - Way too hot. Do not purchase. Everything overcooked after 3 hours.

    Low heat setting is VERY hot. Everything (chicken, beef, pork) cooks in under 3 hours, sometimes under 2 hours. The "Keep Warm" setting is also too hot. I thought maybe I could cook something for 2 hours and then keep it warm for another 2 and maybe I'd get the equivalent of what "cook on low for 6 hours" from usual recipes might produce; instead, everything was super dry and there were still bubbles coming up, cooking at a simmer, when I had it on "keep warm." That this is a top seller is ridiculous. I can't "SLOW" cook anything, and that fact that keeping it warm continues cooking completely defeats the point of being able to start cooking something in the morning and have it ready much later in the day. Trying to get a refund.

  • Jessica - Fake Product!!

    NOT Bare Minerals !! I have been using this product for years and this is the first time I bought it off of Amazon.. It is not the same.. It has an odd smell and provides zero coverage!! Only buy at real Bare Minerals dealers..like sephora or department stores! Do not waste your money!!

  • jlolarson - "Miracle" Supplement

    The benefits from this vitamin is difficult to maintain in seniors. I read that sublingual tablets were the way to go, taking them like you would any supplement or medicine that you chew. I can not say enough about the benefits of this sublingual tablet. My 80+ year old husband no longer sleeps away his day in a recliner. I do also give him additional (2) drinkable tablets. I began these subliqual tablets along with the supplemental and my lab test measured B12 "off the charts". So I cut back on the other tablets, actually to 1/2 a day. I guess I have to find out how to take just the sublingual.