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Bilo grocery store - Best Answer: Neither is safe to consume. Years of abuse weakened my mother's mental capacity to realize she was compromising her immune... Blog.cz - Stačí otevřít a budeš v obraze.

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  • meme0524 - Pleased but highly pissed!!!!

    I was acosted by a Vivo rep in Honolulu last month. She was very persistent, I kept trying to walk away until she put some of the scrub on my arm. I listened to her sales pitch while she kept rubbing the product on my arm. Then she rinsed it off with "Holy Water from Jeruselem"....yeah right. Any way I was very impressed on how soft my skin felt. Then she put the peel under my eye and WOW!!! I was sold. So I bought the scrub, peel, moisterizer, body butter and a pumice stone, oh she gave me an extra stone & mud bar for free..all for $180.00. I have been using the products for about a month and I am very pleased. I thought I got a bargain until I found the same products on Amazon for about $60.00 That is why I am so pissed. She made a $120.00 profit off me and I am sure I am not the only one. Salespeople..deception...ugh! Lesson learned...buyer beware.

  • edt1gto - McAfee Antivirous plus 2012

    This software runs quietly , and is not intrusive. I like it the best of any antivirous program that I have ever used, including Norton products.

  • Sam Spin - Expensive floor mop

    Broke just out of warranty (14mos). Used less than five times. Ok on terrazzo, worthless on bath tile/grout. Expensive floor mop for basically just one year. Time consuming, had to go very slow for effective cleaning on terrazzo, back and forth. Get a good floor mop, it will cost $10, not $100!

  • jmitchell - Great product, way to spend time with kids.

    Having a blast collecting these coins with my daughter. Wish they had a spot for alternate mint but so far it's an amazing product for starring a new hobby with my kiddos. Large format makes it easy to see and hang if you want to. Sturdy construction just try not to rub corners as it is a cardboard folder