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  • Mom22 - Unsure so far

    I just bought my first can of Almased. I have hypothyroidism and I'm a nurse who needs to lose some extra weight that's been really hard to get off. The taste takes a little bit of time to get used to, but I use skim milk, vanilla extract and cinnamon in it and after the second day I wasn't choking it down or anything. I lost a couple of pounds the first day, but probably would have lost that much with any "liquid" diet. I was hungriest right before bed. One thing to remember if you are going to try this is that at approx. $28/can, if you are starting with the fast, the can only has 10 servings in it (about 3 days worth of fasting because it takes 8 tablespoons to 10 ounces of liquid). Not a lot of servings for the price, so we'll see if it really does anything for me or not. Still deciding if I'm going to buy another can to try using for breakfast and lunch with a healthy dinner for another week or not. The instructions actually tell you that you can do the starting phase (all meals of Almased) for up to 14 days and then recommends doing the reduction phase (breakfast and lunch of Almased) for another 6 weeks and then the stability/life phases (one meal per day of Almased) for "several" weeks after that. Each can only gives you 3 days worth of servings from it. Even if you only do 3 days of the starting phase and then do the 6 weeks of the reduction phase, you would need 15 cans of Almased at about $28/can, so plan to spend around $420 to "sort of" follow their recommendations. I might try 3 cans worth, and if I'm not seeing amazing results, I'm not sure I'll do the full six+ weeks of this at that price. I'd love to hear other people's experience with this though AND how long they've used it for.

  • Sarah - Too much frustration for "heavy duty"

    I'll preface this by saying my issue is with Singer and not Amazon. Amazon did everything we could've asked for-quick shipping, quick return procedure, etc. I've been sewing for 15+ years, various models of machines, mostly patchwork projects.

  • erin - Got off 4 prescriptions with this!

    I did this cleanse 5 months ago. At the time I was on 4 prescription medications for IBS and acid reflux and my doctor wanted to add in a 5th and said diet wouldn't make a significant difference. My chiropractor suggested I try the cleanse. I was able to get off all medications and have never felt better. My energy level greatly increased as well with no change to the amount of time sleeping.

  • S. S. - Not Happy..

    It's absolutely amazing from what I know of...... but, it doesn't work on macs. I downloaded it on a dell computer (too slow) and it was great! I just need it to work for mac computers and it doesn't. Not Impressed...

  • Michelle ( Mickey ) - Awesome for thick wavy hair

    I would highly recommend the Kendra Texturizing Taffy for those with wavy hair like mine. It smells great, works better than any hair spray without the stiffness and gives volume to the hair. The best part is,,, you only need a dab so it lasts a very long time. I put a dab in the palm of my hand, clap my hands together to get it on each and then smooth it through my hair. My hair dresser introduced me to it about 4 years ago.

  • TerriLynn - I love Aveeno products but with this one you have to ...

    I love Aveeno products but with this one you have to be careful not to put too much on or when it dries it kind of cakes up. I put a primer on before applying this to help with the caking. Overall, it works well and blends (as long as you do not add too much). I have very light skin and the fair to light works great.

  • Kara Lutz - Super cute bag

    Super cute bag. Exceeded my expectations and is absolutely perfect for the gym if you just need to change clothes. Room for a little more, too.