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  • Mike4892 - Great post workout recovery drink

    I the past I have usually used a protein shake as my recovery drink. The first thing I noticed is that the taste is very good. The second thing is that I feel a decrease in soreness the next morning after an intense workout. I look forward to taking it now after workouts.

  • M. Bassett - Lack of pinch-to-zoom is a deal breaker for me

    My eyesight's not bad and yet the largest of the three typeface offerings is still too small. It's a shame. The New Yorker's always been my favorite magazine but I won't be renewing my subscription.


    ZZZ Quil worked very well, I didn't wake up with a groggy feeling or a foggy head. Butttttt it did make me very sensitive to light and the headaches would come on within a few hours after sunrise, and were unending until bedtime. I stopped taking it and the headaches went away within 24 hours. Now I'm back to 4 and 5 hours sleeep.

  • Scott. Riley - I LOVE this App!

    If you enjoy playing FREE FLOW and FREE FLOW:BRIDGES, then you will want this game App. The daily puzzles will keep you coming back everyday.

  • sincere - Good stuff! I only recommend this product for acne ...

    Good stuff! I only recommend this product for acne scaring if you have your acne under control. Meaning, you've seen a dermatologist, you no longer have major break outs, and have received treatment for the underlying problem causing your acne. This is great for the scars left over from all those breakouts, and especially if you have hyperpigmentation, as I do. This has faded my scars within two weeks of use to a noticeable amount, and works wonderfully on stretch marks and other scaring on the body. Love this stuff for my scars! But be careful when using this product on the face, it has at least two ingredients which are known to cause issues or can break out your skin. Just remember a little goes a loooonnggg way.

  • dori silva - Blown away!

    I have only been using this for about 1 1/2 weeks. My hair feels fuller, very little shedding after showers and my hair is incredibly soft! Not changing shampoo again....as long as the formula doesn't change!