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Home - CCSVI Alliance is dedicated to educating patients with research-based information, providing tools for patients to advocate for themselves, and supporting medical professionals\' exploration of Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI)

  • http://www.ccsvi.org/index.php/the-basics/what-is-ccsvi What is CCSVI - Information about Chronic Cerebropinal Venous Insufficiency, CCSVI, a condition where people have obstructed blood flow in the veins that drain in the central nervous system
  • http://www.ccsvi.org/index.php/the-basics/history-and-timeline History and Timeline - The History and Timeline on the hypothesis that MS has a fundamental vascular component
  • http://www.ccsvi.org/index.php/the-basics/ccsvi-multimedia/ccsvi-video Video Gallery - Various informational videos about CCSVI including interviews with Dr Michael Dake, Mr Mark Haacke, and Dr Fabrizio Salvi
  • http://www.ccsvi.org/index.php/advanced-topics/treatment-risks Treatment Risks - Addressing misinformation that has characteriezed discussions of CCSVI treatment risks
  • http://www.ccsvi.org/index.php/helping-myself/finding-treatment-providers Finding Treatment Providers - Finding Physicians currently providing endoscaular treatment for patients with CCSVI

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  • LuCinda S Barfield - I really like this. Used this and a Bluetooth speaker with ...

    I really like this. Used this and a Bluetooth speaker with a TV. No more blasting the volume across a room.

  • Kimberly - exceptional item

    I don't know how we could have survived the past 2 years without this. IT is our sleep saver. We only use the light to let our 5 YO son know when he is allowed to leave his room to go downstairs. He was getting up when the sun came up and it was killing our sleep. This is a great invention and it WORKS! LOVE LOVE LOVE it !

  • Howard Ferstler - Does what ads claim, but there are some issues

    I had seen ads for this device on TV, but never got around to buying one. Then, my nieces gave me a Home Depot gift cirtificate and I discovered that the Kreg jig combo was for sale there and so now I have one.

  • Aa Bb Cc - Love it or hate it, I'm keeping it.

    This is my second year using McAfee Total Security on my Windows 8 laptop. I first used Norton, because it came with my laptop and I liked it, but after I purchased the product when the trial ended my computer started crashing and it would not finish a scan. Someone purchased the McAfee Total Protection 2014 and offered to let me try it since they could have up to 3 PCs. It found 4 viruses that Norton missed and cleaned up my computer to where it was like a faster newer laptop. What I love is that it finishes a full scan while I am busy working/browsing the internet and it doesn't slow me down at all... but that is just my experience, you will probably have a different one because computers, tablets, mobile devices are finicky. What works for one will not work for all.

  • john hastings - not what I expected

    Came from the Outlook Express environment and was told to use this over the 2013 version, but have found it very quirky. Constantly disconnects from IMAP servers and hangs up on emails going out. Usually have to close and reopen, then re-send the email again. Very time consuming. I dislike Outlook, but not sure what other option I have for working. You might as well jump to the newest 2013 and skip the old stuff.

  • Kathleen - Clip Art Search is Pretty Bad

    The only thing I disliked about this program is the search feature for clip art. Putting in a word to search "all of the clip art" often won't give you any desired results. Search "Spring" and you come up with no clips, but as you look through all the clip art, there is a big square with flowers and the word Spring in it (oddly enough Spring is left out of seasons). Plug in the words curly, blond or hair and again, nothing.... yet there are many clips with curly, blond and hair. If you have time to sort through all the clip art, it is a pretty nice program.