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Comvita Natural Health - Manuka Honey, Olive Leaf Extract & Propolis - Comvita natural health products include UMF Manuka Honey, Medihoney, Propolis, Olive Leaf extract and Omega 3. View and buy our product range online today.

  • http://www.comvita.com/products/umf15-manuka-honey/H2777 UMF15+ Manuka Honey - Authentic NZ Honey - Comvita - Experience the benefits of all natural health products available at Comvita, including UMF15+ Manuka Honey. Shop online today for huge savings.
  • http://www.comvita.com/ingredients Natural Product Ingredients - Comvita - Learn about Comvita's product ingredients where we source our ingredients in their purest form and optimise their natural active properties.
  • http://www.comvita.com/key-ingredients/manuka-honey/us100008 Manuka Honey - Ingredient Info - Comvita - Learn everything you need to know about one of Comvita's key ingredients: manuka honey. We source it in its purest form. Read about manuka honey here.
  • http://www.comvita.com/key-ingredients/olive-leaf-extract/us100010 Olive Leaf Extract - Ingredient Info - Comvita - Learn everything you need to know about one of Comvita's key ingredients: olive leaf extract. We source it in its purest form. Read about it here.
  • http://www.comvita.com/key-ingredients/propolis/us100009 Propolis - Ingredient Info - Comvita - Learn everything you need to know about one of Comvita's key ingredients: propolis. We source it in its purest form. Read about propolis here.
  • http://www.comvita.com/about-us About Us - Comvita - Learn about Comvita and our desire to produce natural products that work, and act in a way which preserves the environment for generations to come.
  • http://www.comvita.com/store/Certifications Quality Certification and Performance Marks - Comvita - As the world’s leading manufacturer of Manuka honey, Comvita is committed to providing assurances to global customers of freshness, purity, safety and authenticity.
  • http://www.comvita.com/store/ShippingPolicy Delivery and Shipping Policy - Comvita - Read all about Comvita's Delivery and Refund Policy for all orders placed on the site.
  • http://www.comvita.com/faqs Frequently Asked Questions - Comvita - View Comvita’s frequently asked questions covering information about Manuka Honey, Medihoney, Colostrum, Royal Jelly, Olive Leaf, Propolis and Omega 3 Fish Oil.
  • http://www.comvita.com/store/article/how-to-make-the-most-of-juicing/2000109 5 Easy Ways To Eat More Vegetables - Fall in love with greens & enjoy the nutritional benefits with our top 5 easy ways to eat more vegetables. Do it without even trying. Read our article here.
  • http://www.comvita.com/contact-us Contact Us - Comvita - Contact Comvita today to find out more about our natural health products, made with natural ingredients including UMF Manuka Honey.
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  • Sergio Cabrera - very easy for my taste

    very easy for my taste, having removed the sweat mode was a mistake in my opinion, my son is happy with the game so I give it 3 stars

  • Lamont A. Turner - Was sent the wrong color...

    I order this pair of shoes in black, but I was sent the grey pair. I specifically order the black because I want a cleaner look with the white trim around the sole and a shiner black shoe. Instead, I get the grey(that looks dinghy and worn with a light beige trim. However, the make of the shoe is very nice. It doesn't really look like a $25.00 pair of shoes.

  • Brian Byrne - Very slim and attractive case, but if you plan ...

    Very slim and attractive case, but if you plan on swapping out cases on a regular basis, I can see it possibly causing the case to crack as the material seems quite brittle.

  • Cassandra a. - Great Cargo Matt!!!

    Fits great, good quality and nice protection. But wouldn't recommend for pets. Its a harder, bumpy surface, not too comfortable for them to lay on. But for evening else it's great!!

  • Linda Economos - Was a great Christmas present for my sister, she always talked about Wilson.

    I didn't even know these were made until I worked at Amazon and saw one come through. I knew it had her name written all over it.

  • Mish - pleased with update

    I received this order in the mail very quickly. It is a fantastic update and very helpful when travelling. I would recommend seller. Easy to use instructions included.