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  • Savvy Buyer - No Science - No Proof - Just Another "antiaging" product

    It is abundantly clear that the reviews are being written by Jeunesse Distributors. When you include your email in a review, I am dubious regarding your overwhelming results regarding the product. You are trying to sell the product of course you love it. Buyer Beware - This a very expensive product that does not work (I've tried it, bought it from a friend).

  • Patrick Mclaughlin - Reality Gone Wild - A Must for Every Home

    I purchased a Playmobil Security Check Point set as a way to prepare my family for an upcoming flight, and as a practical way to learn the realities of our `not so brave new world'. The ability for the passenger figurine to bend over and grab the ankles is a great and realistic feature! I sense a pilates and yoga influence here.

  • slave524 - I think it works!

    Like learning anything, you get out of it what you put into it. With that being said, this game is a lot of fun.

  • ronnie007 - spell book

    i myself have no idea what is in this book, but my sister says she is quite tickled so i am happy then.

  • Barnacules - Atari 2600 has never looked so good!

    I'm really into vintage gaming and I wanted a TV that could make my vintage gaming systems look their best. When I saw this TV on sale for $39,000 I just couldn't pass it up since it was an amazing deal and with Amazon Prime I received 2 day shipping for free which was a big deal!

  • Amazon Customer - Great for the whole family.

    This is honestly a great game for all ages! I have two sons and they both love Jurassic Park almost as much as I do. I love the fact that you can switch between Jurassic World and the Jurassic Park games. The Lego animation is very detailed everything is made out of Legos it's pretty incredible what they think up! The cool part two is that they actually use real quotes from the movie and put their little Lego spin on the story.