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Nurse Jobs | Aged Care | Acute Care | Rural Nursing Jobs | Health X - HealthX is highly experienced in placing local and international trained nurses in long and short term placements to fill current nursing shortages in rural and regional Australia.

  • http://www.healthx.com.au/healthx-background HealthX Background | HealthX | Health X - HealthX is a healthcare workforce specialist, which employs and recruits registered nurses (RNs) and health professionals across Australia.
  • http://www.healthx.com.au/our-difference Our Difference | HealthX | Health X - The HealthX offerings are sustainable solutions that bring cost-efficiencies through retention and most importantly continuity of quality care.
  • http://www.healthx.com.au/work-as-nurse Working with HealthX | HealthX | Health X - HealthX has a wide range of nursing vacancies and can help find jobs for nurses around the country.
  • http://www.healthx.com.au/healthx-solutions HealthX Solutions | HealthX | Health X - HealthX provides the aged care sector with sustainable staffing solutions that allow our clients to focus on customer service and quality of care to residents.
  • http://www.healthx.com.au/permanent-placement Permanent Placement | HealthX | Health X - HealthX offers a permanent placement and executive recruitment solution to assist facilities meet the most challenging recruitment and placement goals.
  • http://www.healthx.com.au/short-term-contract Short Term Contracts | HealthX | Health X - HealthX makes the process of finding quality nurses for short-term contracts simple and easy.
  • http://www.healthx.com.au/benefits-of-healthx Benefits of HealthX | HealthX | Health X - HealthX provides quality and long term staffing solutions to the healthcare industry with many benefits.

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  • Terrence R. Guyer - It gets worse with every version.

    Over 15 years ago I was thrilled to find QuickBooks for the Mac. It kept track of all my expenses, I could enter my bills, and I could print my checks. It saved me from spending my Saturday afternoons paying bills and keeping track of the accounting for my sole proprietor design business. I used the chart of accounts for an overview of where the money goes. I was very happy.

  • Pentiumm - Great mascara, but clumpy

    I've been using this product for a month now, and I do like it. It has an oversized brush, which always leads to better results. And the mascara both thickens and elongates, more so than a lot of other mascaras.

  • Me the CISSP - Quite frankly the closest thing to real feces.

    So, I'm no feces expert, but I have smelled a real turd a time or two in my 40 years and 2 kids. This is by far the closest thing to a full porta potty on a sunny hot day in Texas. If you want to get fired at work. This is your ticket. This is not run of the mill prank stuff you use on friends. This is stuff you better use on people you hate. It's bad and if you overdo it... it will stick around for a loooooong time.

  • Amazon Customer - The only thing I don't like about this product

    The only thing I don't like about this product, which I have heard from others, is that it does not break apart and dissolve once the cycle is complete. I had a repair person tell me that what he does is break it apart before throwing it in the washer. That works but, it is not that easy to break apart... Other than that it works just fine.

  • Casagodinez - Light airy oil

    I have tried a few different Frankincense essential oils. What I like best about the New York Biology oil is how light it is. It quickly absorbs into the skin when applied, but doesn't leave you with a slick, greasy sheen. We use a lot of Frankincense in my home. It's one of those oils that's good for a laundry list of ailments. I've already used NYB oil on a few skin ailments with positive results, and it dissipates well in the diffuser. I mix it with lavender and put it in the kid's room to help them get a good night's sleep on school days. The only reason that I did not give it 5 stars is that it is not for ingestion, and we've found that Frankincense stops seizures when taken orally. I received this item free in exchange for an honest review.

  • William Betzing - Not a good program. It does not recognize 1/3 of a ...

    Not a good program. It does not recognize 1/3 of a cup. Takes the amount when you input it but converts it to 1/2 cup when you view the recipe. What kind of recipe program doesn't recognize 1/3 cup? Heavy and difficult to use and find recipes you downloaded. Also backs up to your own hard drive so you need to keep a thumb drive or other external hardware around so if your hard drive crashes you don't loose all your work. Archaic. I sent two contact tickets to ask them questions but were ignored. Don't buy it. Look for an alternative program. Heck, recipe cards would be better!