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Welcome to Lilly UK - Lilly UK provides research and development, manufacturing and commercial operations on behalf of Eli Lilly & Company - a major US pharmaceutical

  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/careers/index.aspx Pharmaceutical Careers at Lilly UK - Lilly is an equal opportunity employer. Make Lilly your next big move and fully realize your potential.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/responsibility/transparency/clinical-trial-registry.aspx Clinical Trial Information for Lilly UK - We register all Lilly-sponsored Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV clinical studies conducted anywhere in the world initiated on or after October 15, 2002.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/media/index.aspx Media Enquiries and Contacts for Lilly UK - Media enquiries should be directed to our UK Press Office. Lilly operates an out of hours service for urgent enquiries.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/investors/index.aspx Investor Information for Lilly UK Investors - We know the health of your loved one is more important than any mission statement or executive profile. We have a dedicated website for investors.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/hcp/index.aspx Information for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) from Lilly UK - The information contained on our HCP sites is designed for use by healthcare professionals and do not include information intended for use by patients.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/patient/index.aspx Information for Patients from Lilly UK - We believe an informed patient is a better participant in his or her own care and can achieve better health outcomes.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/contact/index.aspx Contact Information - Contact information for all sites for our UK operation, as well as adverse event reporting information for both Lilly and Elanco products.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/about/index.aspx About Us - Lilly UK - Founded by Eli Lilly in 1876 and operating in the UK since 1934, we are one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/about/our-heritage.aspx Our Company History - Lilly UK - Eli Lilly and Company was founded in 1876 by Colonel Eli Lilly in Indianapolis, USA. We have since become a global, research-based company.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/about/key-facts.aspx Key Facts About Lilly UK - With our headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S, we have pproximately 38,000 employees worldwide and around 1,500 employees in the UK across three sites.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/about/what-we-do/index.aspx What We Do at Lilly UK - Our mission includes finding answers for some of the world's most urgent medical needs. We also continue to pursue innovative science and new
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/about/how-we-do-business.aspx Our Business Values at Lilly UK - For more than 136 years, we have approached our company’s business with a deep sense of responsibility to those we serve.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/responsibility/index.aspx Responsibility and Lilly UK - For more than 136 years, Eli Lilly and Company has shown its commitment to be a responsible global citizen through a long history of philanthropic contributions.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/responsibility/reporting.aspx Performance and Reporting at Lilly UK - Our corporate responsibility reports are an important expression of our commitment to transparency and accountability
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/responsibility/transparency/index.aspx Leading Transparency at Lilly UK - We understand that the healthcare community is looking for transparent answers that provide value to the healthcare decision-making process.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/responsibility/partnerships/index.aspx Working Partnerships with Lilly UK - By working together we can discover, develop and deliver innovative pharmaceutical therapies that will help people live longer, healthier and more active lives.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/responsibility/how-we-work-with-hcps.aspx Working Partnerships with HCPs and Lilly UK - During our scientific research and clinical trial programmes we work with Healthcare Professionals to evaluate the use of medicines in the patient pathway.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/responsibility/access-to-medicines.aspx Access to Medicines at Lilly UK - Lilly is committed to expanding access to medicines and we work with partners to improve health outcomes for under-served populations.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/responsibility/workplace-responsibility.aspx Responsibility in the Workplace at Lilly UK - Lilly works to attract and retain talented employees who bring the varying perspectives and skills we need to operate on a global level
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/responsibility/community-responsibility.aspx Responsibility in the Community at Lilly UK - Lilly first moved to Basingstoke in 1934 and our employees are encouraged to take part in a wide range of programmes that meet our commitment to the community.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/responsibility/environmental-sustainability.aspx Our Sustainability Programme at Lilly UK - We aim to achieve world-class performance by operating safely, minimising our natural resource use, and lessening our impact on the environment.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/responsibility/partnerships/lilly-grants/index.aspx Lilly UK Grants - As part of our culture of providing innovative medicines, Lilly provides grants for projects that help people live longer, healthier and more active lives.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/products/index.aspx Our Products and Services at Lilly UK - Lilly is developing a growing portfolio of pharmaceutical products focused on meeting some of the world's most urgent medical needs
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/products/patient-safety.aspx Patient Safety and Our Products at Lilly UK - Lilly maintains a pharmacovigilance system, throughout the lifecycle of each product designed to continually evaluate the product's benefit/risk profile
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/products/anti-counterfeit-information.aspx Anti-counterfeit Info for Lilly UK - Counterfeit drugs pose health risks as they are often manufactured illegally in unsanitary and unsafe conditions and their sources and contents unknown.
  • http://www.lilly.co.uk/en/products/lillys-anti-counterfeit-initiatives.aspx Our Anti-Counterfeit Initiatives at Lilly UK - We have established a Global Anti-Counterfeiting Team to take immediate steps to help protect patients from counterfeit medicines

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  • Amazon Customer - Best software of its kind

    I love what this program does. It has eliminated "clipping recipes." I can download almost everything. The only issue I've encountered is that the shopping list will take some work to get it as detailed as I want it. Small thing, this program is great!

  • JVALENCIANO - A REAL tooth whitener

    I purchased this product a while back from Fry's Electronics on an As Seen On TV booth expecting it to just be a waste of $20, but I decided $20 wasn't even comparable to the times i've gotten a whitening procedure at the dentist, so I decided to give it a go. Surprisingly this product does work, don't expect it to whiten your teeth from a tea brown to a hyper white color. The package does say that results will vary, and I saw a definite 3 shade difference from only one 15min session with it. Of course this product could be a little more detailed on what to do, so i'll give you a run down on how I used it and it worked for me and everyone i've recommended it to. First DO NOT expect to be able to walk around or do anything when you are going to do your 15-30 min session with this. (My suggestions for use may seem a bit odd, but they've worked for my friends and family so I wouldn't stray from them.) One obvious flaw with this product is that your saliva will definitely interfere with the process, my recommendation to avoid this and to maximize your whitening is before usage to brush your teeth well and floss. Next I follow with rinsing with just water and then setup your tray with the gel. While setting up the tray I dry out my mouth with a cotton towel (I use a clean dry hand towel) to rid my mouth of all saliva and leave it very dry feeling and absent of almost any liquid. Immediately after I insert a medium sized cotton ball directly under my tongue to absorb any saliva that will try to re-hydrate my mouth and place the tray in my mouth and the light. Next just lay back on the couch, face-up ONLY (Don't let any saliva get in the tray or the results won't be as good) and kill some time by listening to a few songs from the great Bartok or Vivaldi on your iPod, when you are done just take everything out of your mouth and rinse with warm water and admire a few shades of difference and a few minor side effects. The only negative things I can say about this product, is that it WILL leave your gums sensitive or they may even bleed a bit, but not anything major. It WILL leave your teeth sensitive but not too much, I counteract this by using Sensodyne toothpaste for about a week and problem solved. For best results I use this about two weeks before a special event, and then about 3 days before so my teeth are not killer sensitive, I use this product about every 2-3 months to help keep white teeth and keep going whiter on my teeth, and please exercise control and STAY AWAY from COFFEE, TEA, COLA, sadly (Red Wines) and any other DARK drinks. Although it may be weird, if you MUST have your fix of these use a straw to minimize the liquids from touching your teeth too much (Do not do this to Red Wines or other Connoisseurs will shun you for it :) ). I hope I was able to help, 4 out of 5 stars only because of the extra hard work and sensitive teeth and gums, other than that great product that deserves 5 stars for actually working (If you use it correctly).

  • Shannan Owens - Awful product

    This is the worst product I have ever taken. Not an hour after taking it I started vomiting and it was 2 days before I could keep anything down. DO NOT TAKE THESE!!

  • TrickyDK - Easy to install Windows if you want a larger library to choose from - Or use as is!

    Like other reviewers I installed Windows 10 to get access to the entire library on Steam. Took about 45 minutes since I downloaded the Win10 drivers from Dell prior to installing. The Alpha and Steam Machines are functionally the same items, same drivers. If you want Windows from the start look at the Alienware Alpha systems, the Steam Machines are just slightly different specs and better prices.

  • Gandalf the grey - Where's th camphor

    I loved it before. Unlike neosporin which is irritating. This had camphor with cooling, antibiotic and anesthetic properties and a medicinal smell. No more. Now same ingredients as any diaper rash ointment but higher cost. Bummer.