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  • lildimplechick - SUPER COMFORTABLE!

    This bra is extremely comfortable--no wire, no tags, and thinly padded. It's comfortable enough to wear to sleep and I swear when I'm wearing this bra, it's like I'm wearing no bra at all because it's that comfortable! It's also pretty cute with lace on the bottom. I highly recommend!!!

  • Cookie - It needs a little work

    Although the mag itself is a good source for tasty, healthy recipes the "Kindle-ization" was not a success. I hate scrolling around, zooming in and out whenever I am looking through it. It is even worse when I'm trying to cook from it.

  • Jay Burns - Which word is proper?

    The book is small and compact, but contains all the words and expressions that I commonly need to check to get the right form.

  • Max Carrte' - Price is good

    Price is good, Shipping was good, product, OK not great. So far we've ordered 9 of these Generators in total. Three of these the first time, back in the beginning of last year 2012, but two of them were stolen, so it would be pretty difficult to do a fair comparison on the first batch. So I order a second batch of Generators, three more. We use these little guys on are Tractor Trailer Trucks, two at a time one will run continuously while the other is there for a back-up. We only use Synthetic Oil 10/30, in in these small engines, you should only use this type of oil, and nothing else. Cost is a bit pricy, but very well worth it.

  • Spencer Blais - PC Matic thoughts

    Since I'm a first time user of PC Matic, I will have to give it some time to settle in. But from what I've seen so far, it does its job fine. The PC I use (which is none other than an XP) is a rather slow and the program showed me what needed to be taken care of right away and the PC is sort of faster than before. To keep things short and to the point- I like it. Though one of my personal gripes with it is those weird tests that pop up and make it look like your computer is "taking a trip", to those who understand.