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  • T.F. - Peace of Mind

    I appreciate that this product is small, discreet, portable, and provides peace of mind while traveling. I've been extremely hesitant to travel and stay in hotels, but the Raid Bed Bug Detector & Trap that I received from PINCHme helps me with some reassurance, especially after my own room inspections.

  • R. J. Marques - The Beginning of something GREAT

    Massive Attack's first CD "Blue Lines" shows the promise of great things to follow, and follow it does with their subsequent releases "Protection", "Mezzanine" and the new "100th Window". This album, while not quite as haunting, dark and brooding as their subsequent releases, shows the start of a winning groove. That they inspired several great acts to follow in their footsteps is an accomplishment. If you think that this album was recorded and released 12 years ago, you can see how ahead of it's time it was. This CD should definitely be part of your Massive Attack discography.

  • A. Schoenhofer - Could have been a 5 star...

    Okay, I was all ready to leave a 5 star review, as I have used the Remington IPL for one full body treatment, and have noticed markedly decreased growth in all areas. I was very excited to start my scheduled second full body treatment tonight, only to get about 2/3 of my left calf done(30 pulses), and the thing quit!! The little yellow indicator light came on that shows you it no longer has any flashes left, so ...dead in the water with only a small portion of one leg on it's way to being hair free. :(. I KNOW I didn't come close to using this product for 1500 pulses, so I'm highly dissatisfied with the fact I now have to order and wait on a new cartridge, not to mention dish out more money way sooner than expected just to continue the treatments. This product is not that cheap, so to have to chuck out another $25 already after one body treatment is assanine. I will post an update to this once I complete the remaining treatments.

  • Brian - tastes good

    It both energizesand filles me up for a few hours. I havn't noticed the benefit of the other ingredients Yet, but I do feel good in the morning. I would recommend this as a before and after workouts as well as a meal replacement shake.

  • Shoe envy - Don't expect a miracle.

    With all the wonderful reviews I saw on this I really had high hopes for this stuff. My teeth still seem yellow and I don't think they are any less sensitive. The good thing about this product is that it does make your teeth feel super smooth and clean. It is gritty I suppose but that's only if you are chomping your teeth together and I personally don't do much of that while brushing my teeth. If you use a lot you might have to rinse a little more and maybe notice a tiny bit of grit but I only felt it the time I used more than I probably needed to. I thought using more might aid in the making my teeth look whiter process.

  • illegalmonkey - Perfectly Good

    I had a 22 in. monitor that I recently upgraded from to a 27 in. Due to that I needed a bigger plate as the 27 in. was 200 x 100 and the 22 in. was only 100 x 100. Slapped this on my slick, new 27 in. and fits perfectly(Viewsonic 1ms 27 in.). Work perfectly with my monitor stand was well, an Ergotron 45-174-300 Neo-Flex LCD Arm-Extension. It comes with it's own screws which work fine, but I ended up using screws that came w/ my monitor instead as they seemed a bit longer.

  • Lynn - Funny

    I'm 65 and it made me laugh! My 3yr old granddaughter belly laughs. She wants me to read it to her over and over. The book is educational without a child knowing. A busy mom will like this book, as it's a quick read.