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Severe Combine Immune Deficiency - SCID, Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, is a primary immune deficiency. The defining characteristic is usually a severe defect in both the T- & B-lymphocyte

  • https://www.scid.net/the-scid-homepage/about-scid/ About SCID - Missing Body Defense Systems | The SCID Homepage - The immune defense system is a body-wide network of organs, tissues, cells, and proteins that work together to defend the body against attacks by "foreign"
  • https://www.scid.net/the-scid-homepage/how-you-can-help/ How You Can Help | The SCID Homepage - The SCID Initiative The SCID Initiative is a dedicated fund sponsored by the Immune Deficiency Foundation. Created with goal of supporting SCID specific
  • https://www.scid.net/the-scid-homepage/newborn-screening-where-it-began/ Newborn Screening, where it began | The SCID Homepage - What kind of test is used to screen for SCID? The screening test currently being used across states uses the same dried blood samples already collected
  • https://www.scid.net/the-scid-homepage/the-scid-initiative/ The SCID Initiative | The SCID Homepage - The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) is proud to announce the creation of a new project, the IDF SCID Initiative. Driven by requests from the Severe Combined
  • https://www.scid.net/the-scid-homepage/awareness/ Awareness | The SCID Homepage - A White Ribbon for SCID Newborn Screening Primary Immune Deficiency Disease has been represented with a blue ribbon for many years. When the Immune
  • https://www.scid.net/the-scid-homepage/scid-email-listserv-support-group/ SCID Email Listserv Support Group | The SCID Homepage - Instructions for joining the SCID MAIL GROUP: The SCID MAIL GROUP is now a listserv email support group. It is designed to help families dealing with Severe
  • https://www.scid.net/ivig-gvh/ IVIG & GVH | The SCID Homepage - IVIG Sites of Interest: Patient Notification System for the Plasma Products Industry This service notifies registrants of recalls and withdrawals of plasma
  • https://www.scid.net/about-this-site/ About This Site | The SCID Homepage - My name is Barb Ballard, and I am the parent of a child who has been diagnosed with SCID. If you are also the parent or relative of such a child, then you need
  • https://www.scid.net/pid-and-scid-specific-sites/ PID and SCID Specific Sites | The SCID Homepage - The Immune System 10 Warning Signs of Primary Immune Deficiency from Immune Disease website Is it Just an Infection from the Immune Deficiency Foundation Our
  • https://www.scid.net/foundations/ Foundations | The SCID Homepage - The SCID Initiative Driven by requests from the Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID) community, this new dedicated fund has been created for the purpose of
  • https://www.scid.net/reciprocal-links-webrings-and-other-informational-pages/ Reciprocal Links, Webrings, and Other Informational Pages | The SCID Homepage - The following links are to pages which have graciously included links on their pages to The SCID Homepage or provided support in other ways. SCID, Angels for
  • https://www.scid.net/periodicals-and-other-sites/ Periodicals and Other Sites | The SCID Homepage - Journals and Periodicals: BioMedNet The New England Journal of Medicine The Journal of Immunology Blood - Journal of The American Society of Hematology Science

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  • Amazon Customer - Just ok...not like the old one.

    I was expecting the board to be a little larger...but other than that it was ok. Its just not like the old one.

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    Very fun and exciting. Almost as good as the real thing and much less expensive. I highly recommend it for anyone.

  • One Cent - This is a great product. I applied about a month ago

    This is a great product. I applied about a month ago. Had generally good results in the first week but was noticing last night that the pavers I used this on have never looked better. I had a big moss problem but no more.

  • Tina M. Cuevas - Love this gadget

    I already have the butt buster and now that I have two fat patches on my upper inside thighs I wanted to work on that strongly. I really can feel the burn..seeing little difference now but I have not used it long.