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Sports Therapy, Inc. - Sports Therapy, Inc. is a Cincinnati based Physical Therapy company focusing on individualized care. Outpatient orthopedic setting.

  • http://www.sportstherapyinc.com/id22.html Industrial Rehabilitation - We have industrial rehab (active PT, work conditioning, work hardening) at the majority of our sites.
  • http://www.sportstherapyinc.com/id24.html Kinesiotape - For biofeedback, edema reduction, increased performance and biomechanical correction.
  • http://www.sportstherapyinc.com/id26.html Soft Tissue Mobilization/Myofascial Release - Soft Tissue Mobilization/Myofascial Release is offered at Sports Therapy, Inc.
  • http://www.sportstherapyinc.com/id43.html Beechmont/Anderson - Cincinnati based Physical Therapy focusing on individualized care. Outpatient orthopedic setting.
  • http://www.sportstherapyinc.com/id15.html Englewood - Physical Therapy focusing on individualized care. Outpatient orthopedic setting.
  • http://www.sportstherapyinc.com/id6.html FITWORKS - Patients of Sports Therapy, Inc. enjoy a unique relationship with the Fitworks gyms.

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  • Joan Weaver - Great Song

    Listening to oldies on the radio. It brought back memories from the past. I decided I needed this in my music library.

  • The Real Deal - Amazing price for what you get!

    I'm glad I ordered this when I did, because days later, not only can you not find this on Amazon, but you can't find it on the manufacturer's website either. Less than $50 for 1050 lumens was a deal too good to pass up. I'm not too sure about the 1050 lumens claim though. I have another light that is only 850 lumens, and it is definitely brighter than my TN12. The light comes in a heavy duty box with a lanyard and a sheath. The light also has a removable pocket clip. I carry my light in my back pocket and can't even noticed it being there. I recommend using the rechargeable 18650 batteries as opposed to the CR123 batteries. Those little batteries are expensive and they don't seem to last me very long. Hopefully more inventory comes in so more people can enjoy this great light. One plus for this light is that if you wish to tail stand it to light up a room, you can.

  • Grant R - Bright little light

    This light is small but puts off some serious LED light. The lantern function works when you pop up the top with the adjustable strap. The strap can be used in either the flashlight configuration or the lantern configuration. I'm not sure on the lifetime of the 3 AA batteries that this lantern takes but it was very bright for the time I used it. The durability of this lantern doesn't appear to be the toughest so I wouldn't recoomend it for any tough outdoor situations. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

  • J. Pawlowski - Kills bugs without insecticide!

    Safe for people & pets. You can even eat it or mix it in pet or livestock food to kill internal parasites. It's a top safe flea powder too... oderless. Sprinkle it in your garden, basement, under the sofa cushions, under the carpet, mattress & the bugs are gone safely. Still works if it gets wet.