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  • Richard - Out of date with poor GPS Receiver

    GPS fob does not work, map is extremely dated. I wanted this so I could see things around us when we traveled to find stores and sites. With the dated maps and the GPS FOB not working by the time we figure out where we are when driving we have already passed what we may have wanted to see along the way. Your better off just using your navigation system.

  • Wendy C - removed baby poop from mattress

    this product worked surprisingly well. someone wrote that it doesnt work on feces but it does. it removed smell and to the most part the particles. it did stain mattress (not the product though). i used it on some other stains from the baby like food and it seemed to work very well on mattress and carpet alike. i would order this again.

  • S. Topping - I love the way it makes my hair feel

    I've been using this OGX conditioner for months now. I don't shampoo, only condition. I love the way it makes my hair feel!

  • Dr. B - Great floor mats

    I was hesitant about buying these at first because of the price but I must say they are very nice mats. So far I haven't had any complains about them, they fit perfect and stay in place.

  • Kelly Horne - Highly recommend.

    I have never used a line of this product yet that I haven't seen results............ Highly recommend.

  • Artgreenthumb - Lightweight

    I really like this walking stick. I love to go hiking with my family and think a hiking stick is a great idea. There are many areas where we hike that get pretty steep and it is also good to have a stick to help clear a path if it has overgrown. I also think that it is a good idea if you happen to approach a snake. I do not encourage anyone to mess with the wildlife and it is better to leave them alone but if you need to or happen upon a snake you will have a stick in front of your person. One of the really great things about this hiking stick is that it is very lightweight. I do not have any desire to carry anything extra that I don't need on a hike and especially do not want to add weight to my hike. the grip on the handle is really nice and fits well even with my small hands. The handle also fits well for my husband who has much larger hands so I think this is a very versatile hiking stick. I like that there is a strap on the top and I could attach it to my backpack if I wanted as well. This is especially good if I have to climb. Since the stick will close fairly small this works really well. I think this is a great addition to my hiking and so far really enjoy the hiking stick. I did receive this product for a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.