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  • Blaine Roman - Jon Ronson is a much needed nuanced voice in the current sea of hysteria

    A great read from an always thoughtful writer, and a much needed voice in this at times unbelievable election. A must read, especially being free.

  • stacey dean - Great Product!

    Glad to know I don't have to replace my deck in my '06 to listen to my music on iTunes. This transmitter does what it's supposed to, but I still experience static and I wish there was a way to minimize that. The device is small and it looks nice. Overall, I'm satisfied with the product.

  • William L Robinson - Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2013

    I have used this book for 50+ years. It answers all my questions on subjects like IRAs, special deductions, travel expenses, and more. I would recommend this book for anyone who does their own taxes.

  • KristiBooks - Better than I ever imagined!!

    This book is beyond amazing. I mean, I know to expect top notch writing from this author and off the charts steamy sexiness, but THIS book. I made assumptions about this one.

  • David Ayers - Very Happy!

    OK. I have written a number of reviews today, and I'm getting tired so I will keep it short. I love this. It has so many well thought out features! The swivel of the the bottom part make it so easy to turn and get in tight spots. Great suction. Very well made and very well designed in my opinion. This replaced a $60 cheap-o DirtDevil. Yes it's more expensive, but still on the cheaper end of the spectrum, and I feel like the extra money bought me some really useful features. My only complaint? The place on the handle you are supposed to use to store the attachments is worthless. I don't even bother with it anymore because the attachments don't secure well and every time I use the vac they fall of. That's not a big issue for me, so it didn't cost a star, but SharkNinja you need to reexamine that.