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  • Georgeanne - A nice surprise

    I really didn't expect to love this. I try new shampoos/conditioners all the time, and I'm constantly throwing out half-full bottles. This conditioner, however, is a keeper. I have long, coarse hair, and this helps make my hair lay straight without looking flat or weighed down. It's a good product, and the smell is divine.

  • Ursula - Didn't last long....

    My son was so excited when he received his V cube, but it simply didn't last long. Very quickly the stickers began peeling off. We ended up buying him a different kind to replace it. It was a waste of money.

  • Javid E. Bencosme - tried niacin therapy didnt work abram hoffer

    wanted to treat adhd and mood with niacin, i got realy sick at 2000 mg fever and anxiety atack throwin up for fourdays, dr abram hoffer and dr andrew saul makes it sound so easy simply take mega doses of vitamins and you feel normal the storys of the skitsofrania inspired me but idk why it didnt work on me did i do smomething wrong?

  • Amazon Customer - my kids love this game

    my kids love this game. dancing is their favorite thing and this has all the latest and greatest songs they enjoy

  • Regina Holloway - Dante the hot mafia hitman

    You have a dark story that become a love story. Dante is given the task to break Jodie and prepare her to become a submissive sex slave. Dante realizes his growing attraction makes him want to keep her. Jodie finds herself wanting to be his. Well written story that has a good pace. Deals with hard subjects. BB Hamel continues to make dark plots enjoyable to read. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.

  • Marilyn - ATV Spreader for small jobs on the farm

    I tore out a fence and the county came in and rebuilt the ditch. I had about a 40 foot wide strip a half mile long to reseed with Bermuda grass. Not allot of acres but more than I could do with a small hand-held spreader and much too rough and sloped for a pull-type. After researching as much as possible, I bit the bullet and bought this one. It mounts quite easily to my Kawasaki 4 wheeler rack (either rear or front) and has a shield to keep grass seed from hitting the driver if front-mounted. It mounts with 2 U-bolts with wing-nuts. Then attaches to it's own mount with 2 small hitch pins. The only tool I needed was an Allen Wrench (1/32 size, by the way!) The 12 volt actually plugs into the power plug. I didn't have to wire it to the battery as I had expected. (Though this could be a problem if you don't HAVE a power plug on your ATV!) My only complaint about this spreader is that it has no graduations or markings to help you set the openings for different seed or fertilizer. It has two large holes in the bottom of the spreader that are opened with a draw-bar. It took quite a bit of experimenting to get it set close to where I thought it should be. There are instructions on how to calculate the opening but since my 4wheeler has no speedometer, I couldn't use their calculations! If you are spreading Bermuda grass, as I was, then halfway open and driving at 1.8 MPH is about right. The seed flowed through the spreader just fine. Over-all I am very happy with my purchase. I know I will use this spreader to seed pond dams and waterways and spread weed & feed on my lawn in the future.