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  • Steven Long - My niece loves this!

    She is dancing to this and using it everyday to get in better shape. I even dance with her to these tunes and it's great exercise!

  • Russell Roach - Great product Amazon slow on shipping

    I have these products from Craven on all of my vehicles, I really like the look. I am not really concerned about reception due to steaming most of my tunes, or sirius be my music source. City dwellers may find no change in reception while more urban or remote locations will in my experience suffer some loss of signal.

  • torrie wittchow - Amazing

    It was very interesting and had an original story line. It was fun to look for the hidden things from the cartoon ghostbusters. I can't wait to read the next book. Well, after reading the description of the second book, I'm begging to think that the boogie man is going to be in it. I hope every fan will enjoy this series

  • Florida Outdoorsman - I could not imagine not having these.

    I bought these to go with my new 2012 F-150. I read some reviews about the price being too much for these and others about how great they were. I figured I just dropped $40,000 on a new truck I want it to look new for a long time. I am so happy I purchased these. They completely cover everything, they look nice and I can climb in and out of my truck dirty, sandy, wet, muddy, it doesn't matter because I don't have to worry about it. These are are durable and high quality. I purchased the front and the rear set with the dual post for bucket seats. they fit perfectly. I highly recommend these