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  • Amazon Customer - sensitive skin

    I have a very sensitive skin and am prone to breakouts so I was rather skeptical about this product at first. That said, I use only a few drops a day and this product and noticed a very big difference already with some dark spots as well as wrinkles. Great product!

  • Powered by Coffee & Wine - Powerful, easy to use and convenient

    This is a pretty powerful water flosser. We also have a non-cordless Waterpik model, but cordless is definitely more convenient. The regular mode on this is very powerful, the soft is very capable of doing the job and it also has a pulse mode in between. The tank isn't super big so I do need to refill it once or twice to be sure I've cleaned everything. Battery life is pretty good and its charged with a removable power cord. Overall this is a really nifty device that does the job well. I recommend it. Its more fun to use than conventional flossing. I received a free sample of the product in exchange for my unbiased review and opinion.

  • Kelsey - Best hair product ever.

    My aunt gave me a tester bottle of this after she said it made her fair too flat, so I sprayed some in after a shower and I was amazed. My hair isn't crazy unruly, but it certainly isn't easy to style. This makes my hair soft and detangled every time. It protects from heat styling and restores moisture.

  • coloradostevie - Works great but stretches

    This strap fits well, is comfortable and works just like it should. I wear it with my cpap mask. But, my first one stretched out so much within 5 months and had to be replaced. Because it's the only one currently around that works for me, I've resigned that I will have to just purchase it 2-3 times per year. Also, referring to other reviews about the smell, it goes away after about a week, or you can put it in the dryer with a softener sheet and that seems to work well.

  • Donna Carlson - Too Good to Be True

    fabulous detangler and conditioner in one product. I have very fine hair that has taken to tangling as I age. A smiggen of this and I am detangled and get a great condition at the same time. Hair feels great! Just love this product!

  • Masa - The best way to learn Access in a short amount of time

    I looked at a lot of books on Access, and most had one fatal flaw - they are recipe books on how to perform a task on an example. For example, other books tend to state "click on box, type in Customer, Press Sum", which is great if you want to build example, but it's practically useless if you just want to know how to make the topic work with your data. It's also a big problem if you're jumping around the book.

  • Amanda McFarland - I love these brushes

    I love these brushes!! They are made very well and are holding up beautifully!! I love that they are all different sizes and angles. They really work beautifully with all of the paints and materials I have used them with.