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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • N. Wilson - Sturdy and solid.

    Very sturdy and gets the job done, I use it regularly and all components work excellently. I highly recommend this item.

  • PZF85J - Less and less interesting ...

    I have every Walt Logmire full book in my Library (plus some of the leftover short stories). The last real good story was "As The Crow Flies", that's no. 8. After that: decline begun. Now, with "An Obvious Fact" and from my point of view we have reached an all time low.

  • Sally Tarbet - Terrible, Pump failed in 12 uses

    I wouldn't buy another HAAN product. The pump failed within 12 uses... Not covered under warranty because it was over a year old. Waste of money. Disapponted in the customer service when I called to see if I could buy another pump. The answer was "no, we don't sell those." I asked if I could buy the center unit section "oh, no, we don't sell those seperately". So because a (probably) $3 part has failed I have to throw a $100 unit in the trash. How wasteful is that??? It is driving me crazy that I have to toss this thing away. Haan is not a very 'green' company.

  • Amelia Barrett - Give it a chance...it works!

    I have been tracking this review since before and after I purchased Lipozene and I have to say...some of you make no sense. Most if not all of you have not even used the product. You judge it by its customer service. I actually took the powder out of two capsules and placed it in a 16.9 ounce bottle of water. After almost an hour the water turned into a jelly substance. I believe that this is what we stool along with what we eat.

  • Erica - but I would recommend purchasing it to keep

    Extremely helpful tutorials and labs, I used this all the time for my class and learned a lot! I rented this book so I had to return it, but I would recommend purchasing it to keep.