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  • Jeffrey Russell - This alone is worth it's weight in gold just for ...

    This alone is worth it's weight in gold just for "Wall Breaker". I burn 500 calories a day playing Wall Breaker. No need to play anything else. It's similar to a kick boxing game. Blows all the other games away.

  • Texas2Step - Great Car at an Affordable Price

    We purchased a 4 cyl. 2016 Accord EX-L about 9 months ago and have logged about 8K miles in it since, mostly highway driving but in hilly topography. We intentionally purchased the 4 cyl. version, which still achieves pretty decent acceleration in traffic when needed, especially if you use the "S" driving mode. The passenger roominess, huge trunk storage, overall quality, real-world fuel economy in the 30-35 mpg range(requiring only regular gas) are really superb, and the purchase price is affordable. Beyond even this, in this and later model years Honda added a small shelf in the center stack and implemented the ability to plug a smart phone into the car's system, which literally allows one of the car's center screens to display either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. This means no more hefty costs for an auto factory navigation & infotainment system that is out-of-date the day the car is built -- instead, run Google Maps using voice commands initiated from the car's steering wheel, having instant access to your contact's list and even speaking results to Google search requests made in your own voice while driving. Incredible! Honda just keeps making its vehicles better and better, all in a quiet way. Highly recommended.

  • David S. Burnstine - Works Great For Me ----Really!

    Works for me - perfectly. Now let's understand - you're spending about $28.oo. Not $280.oo on up to $4000, but for me it amplifies everything and I can now hear good! I have the sound level set on the low side. I think for the money it's great! I'm considering buying another one. ============DSB

  • mike - In just a few hours my hair was suddenly soft!

    For years I’ve battled my hair. It never looked healthy and would just fall lifelessly over my shoulder as a crown of frizz formed. I was always embarrassed of it and would douse it down in hairspray to keep me from looking like Weird Al. Recently my hairdresser informed me that those years of hairspray did a number on it. Mainly it was the denatured alcohol that was drying it out and making it dull and lifeless. Taking his advice I switched to shampoos with Argan oil that would strengthen and nourish my hair, and used a ‘breakage defense’ conditioner in an effort to undo the damage. This seemed to help and pulled my hair from looking from dead and lifeless to lazy. There was now some shine in it, but it didn’t quite look perky and healthy.