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  • FRENCHY - Positively speaking i can say " I got what i paid for and some".

    ****I purchased this white SB6141 over the black SB6141 for one main reason. If you do your research you will notice that the Black SB6141 are only issued to ISP's from Motorola. Meaning, if you purchase a black model from Amazon (or any store), you are purchasing a used or refurbished product (they also ship in ordinary brown cardboard boxes). The only consumer model of the SB6141 is the white model which ships in traditional packaging. The white model is THE ONLY model that comes with a warranty from Motorola. I know this because I called Motorola twice and spoke to two (2) different reps who said the same thing; "Black boxes are for ISP's and do not have a warranty while the white boxes are for consumers and come with a warranty". Further complicating matters is that the black SB6141's usually have old firmware on them because they were generally made a few years ago. White SB6141 have newer or the newest firmware because they are shipping directly from the manufacturer. Your ISP may or may not flash customer owned modems to the newest firmware. If you purchase the Black model, you might be purchasing a 3 year old modem with no chance of upgrading it, also remember that you cannot flash your own modem's firmware.

  • B A McDonald - Through

    Thick and hefty for 15.00, well organized with pockets of humor. I like it. Discusses previous tax law too so if you are worried about reconciling anything this one has you covered. Also has a great retirement plan section.

  • Braski - Fit good.

    Fit very well. Didn't like the color but, went to a local parts store and found a spray wheel paint that was a perfect match to the factory roof racks. Now I'm very happy with them. Make sure you install the noise strips.


    EPIC FAIL!!i used all 3 the sham, cond, and the leave in conditioner,while making your hair smell good and soft, I would have to agree with people that say there hair was falling out! it made my hair break off it was everywhere i looked, on my tshirt all threw the day, in the shower and while brushing my hair i use a pick my hair doesnt normally fall out, i thought maybe the first few days it would do that but i used most of the bottle then threw it out, WOULD NEVER BUY IT AGAIN NOR WOULD I RECOMMEND IT!

  • Laura - Worst Customer and Tech Support Ever

    If you really like being placed on hold forever when Act breaks, then this is for you. If you really like being locked into upgrades because Salesforce will charge to $5000+ just to get your data out of Act with no guarantees that it will work; then this is for you. If you like arguing the Outlook endlessly over where your emails are, then this is for you. When you finally do get tech support response to a reasonable question like "how does Act host work online" with "you just install it on a server and it works." Seriously??? And I'm not a techie.