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  • Rather Be Fishing - Powerful

    This software is an immensely powerful tools for developers. Whether targeting Windows or web, it's a very robust development system. It's also a useful database management tool.

  • Jet Guerrero - Catapult is OK but could have been designed better.

    I bought the SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine for my brother back home who is an avid baseball player. I think the minor flaw of this machine is that it is too low and pitches too low. The pitches hardly reach my son's knees. My son is 5' 9''. Maybe this can be solved by putting wooden blocks under it but a better design would have been making the stilts just a little bit higher, maybe 3 inches higher. But don't get me wrong we enjoyed it. My son enjoyed hitting real baseballs because he enjoys the "ting" sound it makes when he connects, I would give this machine a 3 star rating because it uses real baseballs. Thats the plus side but it could be improved. Like I said longer stilts and its okay, a five star for me. Just extend the stilts.

  • K. Ferrer - Great, definite buy

    I just had to leave a review for this game. I recently bought the Just Dance 2016 version and I would stay with this one! I don't know if the 2015 version downgraded but when comparing to the 2016, this is so much better. For example, I could choose what songs I want with my motion controller but in the 2016, I have to get my ps4 controller in order to select a song. I love most of the songs on this one and it has a lot of variety (foreign songs).

  • Harry - ***HOME RUN***

    Amazing model. Moebius really outdid themselves with this one. Excellent parts, low amount of excess flash. Parts fit together almost perfectly. Although the this model is rated at a skill level of 3 I certainly would not recommend this for anyone that's just starting out in the hobby. This kit is for the experienced hobbiest and requires a lot of patience and effort. I gave 5 stars as this one is, perhaps, the best kit I have ever laid my hands on.

  • TCARCAMO - Great book for all civil 3D Users

    This book is great for civil techs, survey techs, engineers and even cad managers. Very user friendly. In this book you will learn the correct procedures and workflow for using the surveying/civil features and tools in civil 3d 2013. In addition, you will be provided data sets files for your practice drawings with some videos. With this book, you will get a better understanding of C3D styles and settings. Here are just a few items you will learn about in this book: profiles, new survey features, pipe networks, parcels and much more. For those firms/companies that don't have no in-house training, this would be a great book to provide your new employees. So I highly recommend having this book at your desk for civil 3d users.

  • Mark J. Hoolihan - Ben Dover

    At first my child liked it, and sent through a Ken Doll, then a Peter Pan and GI Joe. But when we tried to send Dora through the toy just wouldn't function. I tried the troubleshooting directions, and they said to keep trying, it's just procedural. Same with Mulan, Princess Tiana and Lilo. Hmmm, maybe it's gender biased?

  • Amazon Customer - Great quality, good instructions

    Great quality, good instructions, arrived 3 days early. Inside front screw holes do not line up with holes on truck...had to drill about 1/4 inch out to secure bottom of mud flaps. They don't tell you that though.