ICLIO - Institute for Clinical Immuno-Oncology - The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) established ICLIO to empower multidisciplinary cancer care teams to advance application of immuno-oncology by providing comprehensive I-O resources.

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  • Stevie B. - Cutting the Cord...Starting with This

    This box is awesome. I am a newbie to this activity. I was introduced to this world through some of these paid services/distributorship options. After doing some research, trial and error with other products, I came across this Element unit. I am so happy I did. You want to cut the cord...this is an EXCELLENT option for doing so.

  • LovetoCook - Second place wine preserver by Cooks Illustrated

    Easy to operate, with no learning curve. I'm not a wine expert, so I wouldn't notice the difference on my palate if it wasn't doing its job, but Cook's Illustrated rated it very highly, so I assume that it is working :)

  • kenny hughes - works

    i work in a weight room and have seen it all in refernce to products. I would put this product as one of the best. It is priced well and is a real boost. I dont think it is a cure all for everything ie.. recovery etc.. but helps !

  • Karen Oneal - For use as a Prop only

    The board is very rough and the planchet does not move over it smoothly. Just doesn't work like the ones from the good old days! Totally useless except as a prop.

  • Fredda Weinberg - If you've ever wondered what the Clintons were doing since the Big Dog left the White House

    I found the intimate details embarrassing, but that's how close the author got to the Clintons. When they're not being attacked, there is episode after chapters where Bill and Hillary made a difference. Every objection is addressed with verifiable facts. The author concedes their flaws but concludes Hillary is a safe choice for president

  • Carol Rumrill - NOT for me.

    I have tried this twice and both times - it burned my skin so bad it came to the point of where I had to wash it off ! Apparently there is something in it I'm allergic to. BenGay, etc. are fine so please be careful with this. Plus the smell is horrible - my dogs stayed away from me with this on.