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  • Managed care pharmacy survey findings 2016 - Managed care pharmacy survey findings 2016. MHE, in partnership with AMI, conducted its first-ever pharmacy survey during the second quarter of 2016.

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  • j72050 - EXCELLENT

    Long roots, insect resistant, dark green. Far superior to most grasses, and holds up in summer heat that withers other grasses

  • Trini1gal - Wonderful

    This straightener was purchased for my daughter who used the one I already purchased. This straightener works wonderful on the hair with argon oil. Your hair will be soft and light after the use. I have used it when the hair was a little damp and the hair came out feather soft with the argon oil on it. The hair was straight all week as long as you wrap it every night. Great product, will purchase another for myself in the future.

  • Quisani - Five Stars

    It fits well, and keeps the radiation off my precious collection of dashboard bobble-heads when I'm not around.

  • Jason Goertzen - Excellent mouse. Great sensor (no acceleration at all)

    Excellent mouse. Great sensor (no acceleration at all), super light, and works for my "claw" grip, as well as a more ordinary palm grip.

  • Chris - Not too happy with the mount

    I bought this based on the glowing reviews for this mount, however I'm not too happy with the mount. The first problem is the instructions ask you to drill a 7/32 hole for the lag bolts however the lag bolts that were included in my kit were too small for the 7/32 hole and one of them stripped out completely. I had to drop the mount down a few inches and redrill smaller holes and the lag bolts grabbed perfectly. The second issue I encountered was the instructions tell you to use washers when mounting the plate to the back of the TV. The only washers that would fit are used when you mount the arm to the wall, this lead to a trip to the hardware store for the correct washers. I have one of their tilt wall mounts also and it is awesome, but this kit I do not recommend. This mount is no where near as stable and the TV seems to bounce for a long while after you touch it.

  • B. Alleman - Great monitor at the right price!

    After using a 17" square LCD monitor for 10 years, I decided it was time for a new wide screen monitor. Because there is very little bezel at the top and sides, this monitor takes up less space than other so-called 24" models. The matte finish is just what I wanted, and colors seem very true. The only con is the difficulty adjusting brightness, etc. with the tiny buttons on the bottom of the screen. I haven't noticed any light spots on dark backgrounds that several had mentioned. In fact, the picture is perfect in my opinion.