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  • Phu T. Nguyen - Life Changing

    Okay. I got this for my younger sister and she is OBSESSED. Like in L-O-V-E with this. Her front camera has had dust problems for a while so the pictures taken from the front usually do not turn out so well aka no more selfies for her, ha. But with this, the pictures turn out much, much, much better! There are three different levels of lighting and they are great. Just when you thought that the lowest level was good enough, there is an even brighter level and she claims this is "life changing". It looks even greater when you use it alongside a camera that is actually functioning at its best abilities. One little critique she did have was that the highest level of brightness can be a little too bright- you have to make sure you focus your camera or you can look a little washed out. But nobody says you have to use that level! There are two other ones that work perfectly well! The clip is also great- we were worried that she would have to switch to a slimmer case because the clip would not be able to open that far but she was able to use it with a phone case that has a slot in the back for cards. Those are seriously bulky cases so the clip is just perfect. Overall, she would 1000000% recommend this product to a friend.

  • RENEE - Highly Recommended

    Just finished the 21 days. I feel GREAT!! Lost about 9 pounds. Feel really good. More energy and definitely healthier. I am planning on continuing with the program on my own and maintaining the recommended diet plan. I introduced chicken and fish on day 11 as recommended. I'm not eating any red meat or any processed foods. It makes an amazing difference. After two weeks I could feel ra difference in my skin, especially my face. I'm sure it has to do with not only the healthy diet, but all of the water that I'm drinking. I highly recommend this product. Remember to drink a lot of water. Thank you for my life change!!

  • amanda - I did try Thyroid Support Gold in good faith, but for my cat it was utterly ...

    I purchased this Pet Wellbeing Thryoid Support Gold for my 13 yo female who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I gave it to her as directed for 5 weeks. In that time she lost over 2 pounds. Definitely time to visit the vet. Lab work revealed that her T4 had spiked during those 5 weeks from a normal range of 2.6 to a whopping 9.2!!! I immediately put her back on Methimazole and she gradually re-gained the lost weight. I did try Thyroid Support Gold in good faith, but for my cat it was utterly useless. I cannot recommend this product and would not use it again.

  • PaulJ - The pipcam25 box list a lot of specifications. Buyer ...

    The pipcam25 box list a lot of specifications. Buyer beware : most of those specs are not available. For example there is no zoom. There is no motion sensor. There is no SD card slot.. etc.. The camera itself is OK .Scroll down on the Pipcam25 page and find a chart that list the non available specs.

  • fant0m3 - Perfect!!!

    These have got to be the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn and they gel right to you ears. Over the ear strap is not stiff or rough hurtful to the ears. The charging time I found is like 1 and a half and the play time for music is about 7 hours. They are perfectly lightweight great for a work out great for everyday use the sound cancellation quality is superb the Bluetooth connection dang close to Unbreakable. It has a deep thumping bass. The highs are great as well. Does seem to lose a bit of clarification during complicated music. The mids seem to lose that HD sound but it is now my daily user of Bluetooth headphones. Best set of Bluetooth earphones I've bought. And I've purchased a good amount. Hopefully the durability holds up I will enjoy these for a long time.