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  • pixie - Was easy to create a card and made all my Christmas ...

    Was easy to create a card and made all my Christmas cards using this product. Comes with tutorials for creating many things. Easy to follow instructions.

  • Amazon Customer - Weaker than Real Degreaser

    I didn't notice this was "non-toxic" when I ordered it. I was actually looking for industrial strength degreaser--the kind with a warning picture showing a human hand with flesh falling off. But since this arrived, and I didn't want to hassle with a return/replacement, I decided to use it. It works pretty well on most non-settled grease. But if the grease is old and "glue like", you are going to have to put a lot of scrubbing to get it off with this stuff.

  • Andrew - BUYER BEWARE

    Outstanding product, but if you are using a Triple Paste jar labeled 10 oz, this 16 oz container may be the same exact size. We bought this thinking it would be much larger than our last container of Triple Paste which was labeled "NET WT. 10 oz." When we received the NET WT. 16 oz. container from it was the same exact size. I measured the VOLUME of the container and it is actually 10 FLUID ounces (FLUID ounces measure volume and are different than ounces measuring WEIGHT ...unless you are measuring water or something with the same density as water then it is very close, but I digress). Our previous container may have been mislabeled. It probably should have been labeled either "10 FLUID oz." -or- "NET WT. 16 oz." to match the label on the Triple Paste from Amazon. Bottom line, don't expect to get a larger jar if you are already using a jar labeled 10 oz.