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  • AlphaBaker - A MUST BUY for any Exploding Kittens fans.

    If you have Exploding Kittens, you have to get this! It comes with 6 new cards, and since there are multiple of the same card, so it totals to 20 cards, and it includes the Imploding Kitten, where if you draw it face down, you don't have to defuse, and you have to put it face up anywhere in the deck, and whoever draws it face up, is dead and out of the game and cannot defuse it. It also comes with the CONE OF SHAME, where the first person to forget whose turn comes next (because there are reverses that reverse the turn order) has to where it and rotate it so the arrow points in the direction of turn order. I'm going to leave the rest of the cards a surprise.

  • Jerome L. Green - Five Stars

    Great information on the East it helps to know, understand another approach to the Creator, i.e., John 14:2 !

  • Bogla4 - Comparable to a Yeti.

    Great cup!! Our Crossfit box is super warm especially during these hot days. It kept ice while I was in the hot gym for over two hours, compared to a regular plastic water bottle that sweats and melts ice within 30 mins. I would recommend this to anybody, great price compared to a Yeti!

  • Teya Jax - Happy reformer owner!

    I love this reformer. just perfect for me! Use it everyday and multiple times a day. My family enjoys using it too! My reformer arrived in very good condition. Everything works out of the box. Very pleased with the product and vendor.

  • Laura McClelland - Hamel provides another amazing and must read

    Once again, B.B. Hamel provides another amazing and must read. Jodie has lived a sheltered life not knowing about her family and the Irish mob ties. When her family is killed by another mafia gang, she is "given" to Dante so that he can teach her to be a submissive. Once that task is finished he is to give her up... but can he? This was a gripping read right from the start. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy.

  • Dylan - A Must-Have Cookbook for Harry Potter Fans!

    This cookbook is pretty amazing... amazing recipes, amazing Harry Potter quotes, and some pretty cool history on the origins of the food. There is pretty much everything in this book. I'm going to have a lot of fun with it. I wish there were pictures of the food, but oh well. I still love it.