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  • James Andrews - Best GPS Ever - This program beats any GARMIN or Tom-Tom

    This program when loaded on a laptop computer will provide the largest GPS Display possible in a mobile situation. I use it every day in my work to locate pole mounted high-voltage switches. I simply place an icon on the map at the proper location and then drive to the icon. I don't need an address to find a particular location. Also the look ahead capabilities are much better on the Streets & Trips 2013 than with any other type of GPS. This gives me the ability to see several streets or roads ahead that intersect the road I am driving on at the time. This look ahead capability allows me to have "command control" and change the route on the fly as needed. This prevents the GPS from routing me thru congested areas with excessive stop lights since I rarely use the route planner option on a GPS. I simply put an icon on the map at my destination, enable the GPS tracking and the drive toward the icon. Along the way I gradually zoom the map as I get closer to my destination so I can see more detail. This can also be done at any point along the route as needed.

  • Mocoman - Lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks with this product that I bought from GNC

    I bought this product at GNC not at Amazon and wanted to share our success with you guys. I am 56 and my wife 53 We have used this product for about 3 weeks and went from 203 lbs. to 190. My wife has been dieting(eating careful (like a bird) and exercising for months with NO weight loss till we both started using this at the same time as I. She has now lost weight 168 to 160 in same amount of time I have (3 weeks). Best thing to do is start this with one pill and let body get used to it, and then one in the morning and one at afternoon. Make sure you have I have been exercising and eating careful before hand loosing and gaining weekly up and down. I exercise every day from lifting weights which this stuff helps me push hard at the Gym, and a about 24 mile bike ride once a week and a 5k(3 miles about) once a week not on bike day. When I started using it I was told by a GNC rep. to start off with 1 pill in the morning for about 3 days to a week, for your body to get used to it, then start taking 2 as on the bottle in the morning. I did that an it was too much for me and same for my wife. So we changed to one in the morning and one at lunch. Make you feel alert and like I said, makes you push hard at the Gym.Best thing to do is start this with one pill and let body get used to it, and then one in the morning and one at afternoon. Make sure you have at least 6 hrs before bed. IT WORKS GREAT!!!

  • Jessica R. - Accurate, multi use and quick reading

    I love the option to use it in the forehead or in the ear. I've compared this to my Drs thermometer and it is completely accurate. All I do is press the button and the temperature shows up instantly. It's perfect especially when my sons very sick and I can't get him to sit for a minute for the standard kind. I'm very impressed and highly recommend it. This product was provided at little to no cost for testing and review purposes. I have provided my honest, unbiased review. My opinions are my own and in no way did the discounted price influence my review of this product.

  • v3rtuoso - Excellent resource for first-time independent travelers to Italy

    Rick Steves' guide is an excellent guide for the independent traveler. This book served as an indispensable resource when touring Italy with my lady and made planning our next sight-seeing stops a breeze. Especially useful were the travel recommendations as far as taking the train, best times to travel, and which routes to take. Highly recommended for first-time visitors to Italy who prefer to trek solo without the constraints of a tour group. Also recommend the Rick Steves' Italian Phrase Book and Dictionary. Both served its purpose well when striking up conversations, ordering meals, or asking for directions or other assistance.

  • ronjmb - Best Water Pik yet

    I have been using Water Piks for years. All Water Piks are great for dental hygiene--effective and fun to use. This unit is the quietest, most compact and easiest to clean. I highly recommend it.

  • C M. - System doesn't work - instructions stink!!!

    The instructions are impossible to follow - lines are repeated making it tough to work them out. I was going to return it but thought I would keep trying to figure it out. I need a remote keyless entry system that WORKS and so far this just ain't it!!!

  • K. Schmidt - Not a Gimmic, It Works

    For years I thought this was a money making gimmic. I had computers with real registry problems and was really hoping one of these products worked. I was hesitant to try any of them. I saw this product was marketed by Symantec whom I trust. I bought it, used it, and was impressed. It works well. I have no complaints. All the computers I used it on are running much faster and smoother. I have had absolutely no problems. That said, my computers have no viruses on them. I noticed some reviews are not favorable and state their computer crashed after using this product. I suspect those computers had viruses on them. So, make sure your computer is virus free, before using and complaining about this product, because this product works well if your computer is virus free.