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  • Debmun1215 - Worth buying!

    Thank you Amazon Prime shipping! Sweet sweat is some sweet stuff for workouts. I have been using Albolene for over two years and don't get me wrong it did a good job with my workouts. However, I wanted to see if SS was better than Albolene and if it caused me to sweat more. Once I received it I immediately gave it a try and did the same type of exercise regimen that I did when I used the Albolene. Keep in mind everybody is different so everybody will not get the same sweat results when using certain products or doing certain exercises. However, for me SS created more sweat than the Albolene with a 45 minute cardio workout. You can't go wrong with either product but I do like the SS better than Albolene and for the price of SS i'm glad it provided the results that it did. I love the smell of SS and it has some great ingredients and it did not leave any type of residue on my workout clothes. Happy customer both with SS and my Amazon prime shipping!

  • Leslie - ... be able to try these brushes at such a great price. I notice that these look similar to ...

    I was so excited to be able to try these brushes at such a great price. I notice that these look similar to the expensive SIGMAX Kabuki Brush Kit, by Sigma. Unfortunately I lost the package insert which describes each brush and what they are used for. I checked out the Lagure website and I could not find any information. Since they are similar to the sigma brushes, I just compared them and figured it out from there. These are great multipurpose brushes, they don't just do one thing. Just do some research on that particular sigma brush set along with tutorials, you will be able to see all you are able to do with these. I particularly like the precision flat brush for stipling concealer, makes my skin look like skin. I am a beauty and makeup addict, and I have several different types of brushes for every job there is, and I am pretty fond of these. I think the price is unbeatable. I have never used the particular sigma set that these are similar to, so I can't compare, but all I can say is try them, I think these are good, I use at least one of the brushes in this set on a daily basis depending on my desired outcome. Thank you!

  • James A. Burnett - 2013 Sucks!

    We recently got Microsoft Office 2013 at the work place and two weeks in all I can say is I HATE it...!!!!!! I hate the dull grey look background in outlook, I hate the feel of it, I hate the way the paste button works now and I hate the fact that you left out one of the best programs of 2010 which is the Picture manager. I wonder if the folks at Microsoft just sit around and get high and/or drunk change a few settings and they say lets release this on the world and make another billion dollars.......Sick and tired of Microsoft upgrades they do NOTHING to make our lives easier only more difficult. Wish I HAD the choice to go BACK to 2010 but Microsoft is bilking those who are forced to use it.......Wish I could give 0 stars instead of 1.

  • Peter B. Drayson - Returned within an hour!

    I ordered this over the internet. Unpacked it, looked good. It says on the literature that they have Help Desk 9 AM - 9 PM, EST M - F, forget it; there is nobody there at 4 PM - 6:30 PM and they have changed it to 9 - 5 PM anyway; one thing when they sell you, another when you need help. Ssame old story - go to the website! Put in 7 business cards; did not catch the addresses in the fields; misfiled the phone numbers, often putting the last 4 digits of the number as an extension. Waste of time; do not order.

  • Matt Steele - This is simply the best motherboard I've ever owned

    This is simply the best motherboard I've ever owned. This board has everything I could possibly imagine needing and I was able to achieve a stable 4.5 ghz overclock with my 5960X processor with no problems. I can take it higher but have no need.

  • WorldGypsy - I think it's working

    Crazy story. I bought this because I was growing my hair out and I thought this might help. A week after I started using it I decided long hair is a pain and had it cut short. I kept taking the biotin anyway since I paid for it. I've now noticed that my nails are stronger. In particular, my big toe on one foot has had a split nail for a couple of years now. If I keep nail polish on it my socks don't snag on it. I removed the nail polish last week and noticed today that the nail is growing without the split. hmmm. My nails also seem to be growing faster, but I'm not positive. How about that. Something that might actually do what it's purported to do.