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  • Melissa - DOES NOT prevent bacterial vaginosis

    I have recurrent vaginosis, and read this was the answer. Not so. I took as directed, then when the vaginosis returned, increased to two capsules a day.....still no changes. After doing a considerable amount of research on the topic of prebiotics and vaginosis, I learned probiotics taken orally cannot and will not prevent vaginosis, and cannot do anything to maintain a healthy vaginal pH. After seeing a new doctor, who recommended boric acid capsules vaginally once a week (they also cure a current infection if taken several days consecutively). The boric acid has kept me free of recurring vaginosis now for over six months. So......personally, I would NOT recommend this product. I would recommend going to your local rite aide (or pharmacy) & purchasing boric acid (near first aide stuff....its a powder), then going to a health food store & purchasing empty gel capsules and making your own boric acid capsules (I spent about $20 for all supplies which makes several 100 capsules). Or....purchase from amazon. There are several YouTube videos showing how to make them, what to purchase, etc. If you have a current infection, use for about 7 days and it will resolve the infection. Then use as a preventive measure about once a week. This has saved me an unbelievable amount of money on dr visits and medications/probiotics that didn't work. the topic....educate yourself. From someone who's tried everything, the boric acid is the only thing that has worked as a curative and preventive measure.

  • Lucky10z - Get healthy!!!

    I have been taking prenatal vitamins more than a year.This is very comfortable to take and easy to swallow.There is no after taste or burp.This is one of the few prenatals that doesn't give stinky after taste.We are expecting and this also has lactation support.Most over the counter prenatals made me nauseous but this one is better.This has recommended dosage of every nutrients and digests easily.Take this vitamin with a glass full of water.This is 100% vegetarian capsules blended with healthy herbs.Overall,this is a great product to keep mom and baby healthy during and after pregnancy.I received this product in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.

  • Yvonne Crawford - Wonderful stories for girls and boys

    We take cross country trips to visit relatives every year. Usually I try to bring some things for the kids to do. One of my friends suggested getting some kindle books for my kids to read. I downloaded this one and a few others from the author and was thrilled with the results. My children (ages 7 and 8) read the stories non-stop. It was really cute too because they even read them to each other.

  • Griznet - Best CSN release since 4 way street.

    I think this performance of CSN is excellent. The sound and song selection it top notch. I have seen them live several times over the years and I thought this was one of their best shows in a long time.

  • CONGO - how can you hate him and still serve Negan

    Was tough for my wife, but I understand why it needs to be pushed. The show was becoming soft and simple, this was really nasty but how else would the viewers understand why Negan was so powerful and people we're loyal to him.

  • Haley - Fast acting natural pain relief with no scent and gluten free!

    This is my new go to pain product for the whole family. My oldest son has had arm and elbow pain from sports, but he also has sensory issues so other passion creams smelled too strongly for him to use. This was the perfect solution. It helped the pain after just a few minutes and didn't smell so it didn't bother him to use it. I also used this for my back pain after traveling and it worked better than the Painstop amd Biofreeze that I had tried previously without the strong scent. I also love that it's gluten free and all natural. It may seem silly to want a gluten free pain cream, but I have Celiac and will get a rash from certain products that contain gluten so this was a great solution for me! I purchased this with a coupon during a promotion and I intend to purchase it again at full price when I need more.

  • kodiakcowboy - A must for preparation

    I utilized this book for 5 CLEP tests and was able to pass them all with the aid of this material. Many questions are similar, almost word for word on the test. I recommend this study guide.