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  • Calvin A. Lenhart - Recording transactions

    A page for "Savings Account Record" and a page for "Deposit Record" are wasted pages. The lines are too close together. 30% more space between lines would be easier to write into. That said, the Checkbook Registers are very good. They are at least as good as I could get from my bank. My bank would probably charge twice as much for only one register. I would order again.

  • R. Morits - Text Book

    Very indepth text book. Good value for the money when compared to other text books I've had to purchase

  • Claire Eireanne - Horrible Waste of Time and Talent.

    Horrible waste of viewing time. The story was lacking depth, and creativity. The actresses in the movies clearly were not given the material needed to pull off this movie. I love Melissa McCarthy. But, this movie hardly showed her abilities. It was a disappointment out the gate, and I ended up shutting it off after an hour into the movie. I tried to push through, hoping it was just a slow film. It wasn't it was a flat liner.

  • Adam - Perfect replacement, but pricey!

    The original button on my 4runner actually melted into a gooey mess, then froze solid during the winter, so I had to replace this switch. I bought this one for $39, which I thought was a bit steep, but there was really no other option. Replacement was fairly straight forward, though a set of nylon trim tools help. There are a number of videos online that show the replacement procedure. New button works great, hopefully it doesn't melt like the original one did.