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  • Michael E. Miller - Intuit's strong-arm tactics - nice... real nice

    I am very happy with QuickBooks Pro 2007. I don't want to upgrade to 2010. Up until now, I have had no compelling reason to do so. However, I just went to send an invoice to a customer and I was informed that as of May 31st, Intuit will no longer support e-mailing invoices through the program and I have to upgrade to the latest version to continue doing so. Nice. Real nice. It left me with the same feeling in my gut that I had in the first grade when the class bully told me he was going to kick my butt at recess.

  • Amazon Customer - It has great resources for future goal

    This book help you for navigate different websites for employment. It has great resources for future goal.

  • J. Koerner - The Fragrance is Awful

    Thank goodness I got this as a sample, because I am throwing it out! The smell is just awful. The sales people at the cosmetics counter will tell you it smells wonderful, but it's almost herb-like and sour smelling.

  • Scott C Clark - Junk! actually supports more financial institutions, works better, and is free. I've used quicken for 10 years but switched 2yrs ago. I thought I'd give it another try after 2013 version came out. Oh well. It's close but perhaps a few more version down the road I will try it again.

  • Amazon Customer - Fun and entertaining

    Fun fun fun for everyone. Like vet telling this story to my 2 kids. They are 3 & 5 and were also very amused

  • Randall Johnson - Just OK This Year

    Disappointed in the advent calendar this year. This is our third one. The one for 2010 was the best so far with actual holiday theme. Last year was police theme and this year firefighter theme. The variety of toys this year was poor. Three equipment racks, multiple snowball items...just not that exciting. My son, who is normally very excited to do this, was not very interested in the items included this year. This may be our last one if Lego does not improve next year.

  • keplertwostars - not a good buy

    The plastic is very hard with a textured surface, and their large plastic nameplate is not welcome, as I just wanted a comfortable mat. The hard surface is even further from a comfortable carpet that the car starts with. The fit of the molded pieces is OK but the overall size is too small to cover all the area one's shoes will be touching, such as the entry side and up into the foot well, which is pretty cheap for an expensive mat. Also, strangely for such a stiff material, the mats seem sticky and difficult to clean compared to a good quality rubber mat. The only possibly good feature is if you spill a drink squarely onto the small mat, it might be contained due to the upraised edges, which my wife likes, but the driver's side snaps holding the mat in place might leak? And those snaps make it difficult to take the mat in & out. What happened to good old heavy rubber mats?