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  • Rissa - Just say no to the Oxford comma

    The more I looked through this book the less it resembled the "Elements of Style" I remember from college. This book is clumsy, poorly laid-out and hard to understand and maybe that's the way it was in the mid-1970s, but there many, much easier to understand style books available (try the AP Stylebook or the Chicago Manual). Plus it's fussy in places as when the author insists we do what he says because his book is the one used by the Government Printing Office and the Oxford English Dictionary. The GPO is the largest publisher in the world, emphasis on "publishing." They receive documents electronically from the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government and then the GPO prints them. They don't read, edit or proof those documents, that is up to the issuing body, so I fail to see what is especially significant about William Strunk's claim that the GPO uses his book. As for the OED, I don't live, write or edit documents in the UK and therefore what style they use, which often differs from our style here in the US, is useless for me.

  • Michael Mattern - Good buy!!

    Got here quickly and the Jersey fit perfectly. Just cost a lot but totally worth it and I couldn't be happier!!

  • Heron Watching - I'm sorry to hear (from the reviews) that Finale has ...

    I'm sorry to hear (from the reviews) that Finale has been taken over by a parasitic investment company that is apparently intent on sucking the base dry, providing no customer support and running it into the ground. I was considering upgrading from Makemusic, but the reviews of Finale's latest version make it clear that I would be throwing away money of a piece of junk.

  • FreedbyJC - On and on and on...

    Really??? After a glorious end to a fabulous story, all ends tied off, lovers holding hands ... silhouetted in the sunset, humanity settling in for their happily ever ...

  • Michael J. Beaudoin - A Great Escape

    "Where does time go?" As with any great story, Chasing Mayflies instantly removed the surrounding world, enabling me to get lost in the moment. The beginning of Pidge and Denny's tale is reminiscent of a rollercoaster's initial climb - pure anticipation and excitement for the dips and turns to come.