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  • Dr. Marty - But that's probably just an effect that it will have on very few people like me.

    If you are slightly caffeine sensitive this will keep you up for days straight. I couldn't focus my mind or my vision on anything. But that's probably just an effect that it will have on very few people like me.

  • Jenna - Product WORKS

    In Texas, we've seen a lot of rain which is unusual for this time of year and our house is located in close proximity to a creek. This tends to drive in water bugs and roaches in from the outside. We've seen a few large ones in our house around the doors, but were dead because a pest control company had "sprayed" the perimeter. We had a feeling we had a bigger problem but couldn't get the exterminator to use better product to treat. My husband has experience in pest control and would often recommend Bengal to customers who couldn't afford a professional treatment. Within minutes of him spraying, every single bug came out, including small ones. As disgusted as I was, I at least knew the area was free from pests, which is more than I could say from 5 separate visits from a pest control company. We even saw a few baby wasps in the windows that were driven out by this product, which was surprising to me! I would highly recommend this product and would recommend it to anyone for $9 before paying hundreds for pest control. I am not going to say it's a pleasant experience, because it isn't, but at least it works and it works incredibly well.

  • Katie - Gave my life a second wind & is helping to heal my adrenal glands

    Chock full of information about why stomach acid is good for you. It's true that the info on exactly how to home test for low stomach acid and how to gradually increase up to 5-7 HCL pills for each meal is lacking in this book. But for me, I really needed all this info in order to be motivated enough to commit to swallowing 5-7 pills/meal. Once I started using the HCL, though, the stellar results are enough motivation in and of themselves.

  • channon1 - Headturner!!

    I love these shoes! Thankful to reviewers who suggested ordering half size larger than regular shoe size... I did, and the fit is perfect. Super comfortable, and great looking kicks! I ordered the white with atomic mango and volt, and couldn't be happier. I had no idea how many people actually notice shoes. Tons of compliments everywhere I go! People stop me to ask where I found these shoes. They're a little expensive, but worth it!

  • Lindsey - I received it as my free book for the month and I am glad I did

    The book was okay, I received it as my free book for the month and I am glad I did. One chapter is present and then the next chapter is past and it keeps going back and forth like that every chapter, which for personal reasons I don't like.

  • Larry L. - Not as Good as the One But Am Learning to Like It

    I'm a long time Fitbit User, having gone from the original to the One. I always loved being able to check my steps at will and to see the little flower grow with activity. The personalized messages on the One's display were cute, too. I liked the sleep tracking but rarely used it because it's a pain in the butt to put on the band every night. Other than that, I was a huge, huge Fitbit One fan.