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  • C. Scheck - Works exactly as advertised

    I purchased Meguires kit about a year ago which did not include a protectant and the light yellowed again.

  • Courtney K. - Not enough exercises or instruction

    After having used Wii EA Sports Active, the Ultimatum was a real disappointment. There were comparatively few exercises, and no built-in instruction (the only instruction is in the booklet that comes with the game). She kind of throws you into each exercise without warning, and if you are using the Wii Balance Board, this can be a problem, as you have no time to position it properly. When doing the exercises, the game frequently didn't recognize that I was doing the moves at all, which was frustrating. I never could figure out how to set up the "Resolutions" part of the game, either.

  • Jack Black - Yay Pampers

    What is there to really review about diapers? It keeps the pee in and the poop in when it should. Sometimes you get blow outs if the baby is sitting in his carseat and the poop gets squeezed out like a tube of toothpaste. But that's just physics. How else can you account for that except by making the diaper bigger? So far so good.

  • amandavanzile - These are the ones you've been looking for!

    Wow. That's my first impression. Just wow. I had zero expectations for this product because I haven't had great luck in the past with Bluetooth headphones at a variety of price points.