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  • Amazon Customer - Upset Stomach

    I was taking this product for 5 days when I started to feel extreme discomfort in my stomach. The next day I developed a fever of 101F, and was feeling worse to the point that I considering going to emergency. While I was trying to figure out what changed in my diet that would give me such pain, I thought of Move Free, because it was the only thing new, and immediately checked the reviews here, on Amazon. I was so relieved to find the possible culprit! As I stopped taking Move Free I recovered very quickly. Beware of the bad side effects!!!

  • Garrett - This is a great little machine

    This is a great little machine! Looking for the best value, you have found it! 1080p screen at this price with this kind of performance is awesome. Now bare in mind I have upgraded mine with a 128 SSD I had laying around and a opticle drive to HDD drive caddy. I also purchased another 4gb or ram for it for a total of 8gb (2x4gb, yes it has another slot inside).

  • Short-Term Practical AND Long-Term Directional - Short-Term Practical AND Long-Term Directional

    The 2001 version of WCIYP is logical, readable and immediately practical. The book provides tangible assistance to anyone trying to deal with either or both of the sometimes conflicting priorities of (1) 'What kind of work should I really be doing?' and (2) 'I need a job right now!', and it builds a bridge between the two. I found that completing the workbook (a separate purchase) was a useful and necessary part of the exercise.

  • J. Klein - Works great, installation was relatively easy

    Works great, installation was relatively easy, and the dimming feature does work, but isn't smooth in the transition from full bright to off. It flickers ever so slightly, but doesn't bother me. The real benefit is the amount of usable light. The factory lights pale in comparison.

  • Judy Wright - Excellent quality Great Buy

    This was so easy to install and was totally functional!! I carried a twin bed and trundle on top of my 2014 CRV in a 6 hour trip with no issues. I was thrilled with the quality and the price. Also, it was delivered within 3 days!