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  • Carrrrrieb - Works wonders! :)

    This works wonders for UTIs and I have not gotten one in almost two months! Coming from someone who gets them once sometimes twice a month that's a huge improvement! Coupled with D Mannose I am UTI free! :)

  • PowayBob - Marginal Greeting Card software, includes almost daily emails to upgrade.

    Found this software to be marginal when it comes to creating greeting cards. Far worse than the software were the numerous email offers to upgrade for "a limited time only" that resulted from registering the program. Tried to unsubscribe several time. Would not recommend this to anyone.

  • Annunaki - Autodesk updates for Lion (NO MORE LAG)

    If you're going to use this program with Lion OS X 10.7.2 . You'll have to download the new updates of Sketchbook pro 2011 for Lion at

  • deipnosophist - Good content but definitely unpolished

    I like the character of this magazine. It's got kind of an alternative vibe. Most of the reviews are for bikes that won't/don't go mach 1. Occasionally, though, I have seen some pretty glaring proof-reading errors. It's clearly not the "establishment" bike magazine (*cough* Bicycling), but it's fun to read and will offer some interesting tips and stories you won't find elsewhere.

  • Ralph Castanza - It works

    I have used snake away for 6 years since moving to North Carolina---(copper Heads).. This seems to work.

  • Drew2505 - save your money

    Bought 15 gallons of the stuff. Applied exactly as per instructions...coating goes on thick and dries nicely. Was advised I did not have to use TSP to clean deck, so a simple powerwash and dry weas all the prep required. Product looks great--UNTIL it rains! Water then seeps through micro holes and product it's is worse than before and Ill need to scrape it off. Lowes was great for customer service--gave me another 3 gallons to patch with. Only wish that Rustoleum would come out and remove it for me!

  • adanbar - Worked flawlessly

    Bought it to keep cameras charged during a two week camping trip in AZ. Used the 12v output almost exclusively together with "travel chargers" intended to be used in a car. Did the job very well, recharging each battery within a few hours when exposed to full, direct sunlight (not scarce in May in the desert). Highly recommended.