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  • Audit Consultants — The Jorgensen Group - TJG - The Jorgensen Group- TJG, co-founded by Doug and Ray Jorgensen, are national authorities in coding, billing, and reimbursement. TJG focuses its work on pain management and primary care medicine with an emphasis on osteopathic medicine.  TJG helps clients optimize risk-averse documentation methodologies by assuring medical records adequately meet, if not exceed, national correct coding guidelines and federal documentation requirements.   Beyond education, TJG assists in defense against RAC and/or other payer audits that subjectively exaggerate negative findings around provider coding and/or billing activity. TJG has successfully saved recoupment money in excess of $30 million for physicians nationally and can typically increase a practice’s top line (gross payments) by 10-15%.  We have assisted thousands of physicians around the US by preventing millions of dollars in recoupment demands from private and federal payers.Even if like most, you think you run a tight ship, TJG provides peace of mind by auditing records, billing processes, fee schedules, key performance indicators (KPI)… and more. We are:•    Top Tier Business Consultants      o    Worked with hundreds of practices coast to coast      o    Seasoned revenue cycle management experts      o    Skilled at performance benchmarking, KPI optimization, & metrics     management•    Experienced in Federal and Private payers disputes      o    Audited > 50,000s medical records       o    > 40 years combined medical regulatory experience      o    Authored Medicare and private insurance policy      o    Acted as FBI, OIG, and DEA expert witnesses      o    Known content experts•    Dynamic Presenters      o    5 Star reviews and repeat lecturers nationally      o    Tens of thousands of attendees      o    Experienced webinar presenters (pragmatic & implementable content)      o    Referenced content•    Osteopathic and Pain Focusedo    Authored      •    Majority of literature on E&M and OMT in US     •    Peer-reviewed articles     •    Medicare Guidelines in 10+ Stateso    Recruited as experts for CMS and private payerso    Quoted and set case precedence for current OMT/E&M policy  
  • List of Events — The Jorgensen Group - TJG - Here is where you can find the Jorgensen Group presenting and lecturing nationwide.

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