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  • dkulpster - Birds on the bat

    This is a must have for redbird fans. I've seen some nit picking by others but for a roundup of the 2011 playoffs it fits the bill.

  • Anita Wilson - Do your homework

    The auto generated and fabricated positive comments are red flagging me. I have been doing my research on this product for two years now and if you look closely you will see that some of these reviews will randomly score 1 star but still rave about a great customer service rep. I have never read so many reviews highlighting certain customer service reps by name and frankly it alerts me that so many supposedly purchasing the product have had to contact customer service? I will just stick with what I know (Bare Minerals) and if Luminess wants to set up a booth at the mall for me to try it before I buy it THEN I might bite. Here's to doing your homework!

  • Bob Louder - Extra Layer of Protection ...

    I've been using Webroot for about four or five years, including when the product was Prevx. Webroot acquired Prevx and eventually replaced their Webroot flagship product with the Prevx product (you can do an Internet search if you want more info). I'll focus this review on my experience with the company and product.