Amoxicilline Acide Clavulanique Teva Sante - Amoxicilline Acide Clavulanique Mylan - La substance active est : Forme pharmaceutique et contenu Maintenant les experts suggèrent augmenter la dose de traitement.

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  • oliv - RUN!

    As many others have said, this is a complete scam. Look carefully at all the 5-star reviews, and notice how they all seem to be written by the same type of person. Run away from anyone trying to hand you a sample...before you know it you will be sitting in front of a mirror in the store while they try to convince you that the serum has instantly fixed your bags and lines. An lo and behold, twenty minutes after the uncomfortable tightening sensation, you will be left with dried up gel under your eye which will look like a crackled glaze. RUN!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Don't buy, crappy construction

    Worked great until the female Micro-USB port necessary to charge the thing got pushed into the housing. Kinda difficult to use when you can't charge the portable charger.

  • Kim Bolin - QuickBooks aims to please

    In the past I had used some earlier versions of QuickBooks and became very familiar with them. When QuickBooks 2012 came out I had to make the switch to keep up with the ever changing technology. I wanted a straight forward and well versed guide to give me a better understanding of all it's improved features. Working for a accounting firm in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, I am constantly looking to be informed as well as possible in any new product to improve our customers financial solutions. QuickBooks 2012 for Dummies is a great read for those who have had experience with older versions of QuickBooks. If you are new to QuickBooks, this book may take a little longer to read. Some of the vocabulary may be unfamiliar to the first time user, but if you have the time to really learn and understand QuickBooks, I would strongly suggest giving this book a try. If anyone would like more information or help on getting a better understanding of QuickBooks, feel free to email me. All information is located in my profile.

  • ashley C - Smooth feet at home!

    This works wonderfully! I used it on my feet which are always tough and it gave me that just got a pedicure feel all from home. It was easy to install the batteries and use. I would purchase for gift sets. This is a wonderful product and works VERY well!

  • Teri Anderson Buck - And what good is it if it is undecipherable

    I spent hours with Tech support just to get the program registered. I started with an OEM version that came with an SSD but it was worthless so I foolishly paid to get an upgrade to this. It wouldn't accept the Registration numbers given to me. They have a Byzantine 64 digit registration code. Bring your Little Orphan Annie decoder ring, When the program refuses to accept the registration number you have been given, there is no clue what is wrong.

  • Nicoletta Carlone - No good.

    I have pretty dry skin, so finding a foundation that works is hard. After this sets down on my skin, it looks very cakey and makeupy, the girl that sold it to me claims that it hydrates, but it does not hydrate enough and I truthfully don't know how much it could really hydrate for something that is in powder base. This is a nice product, for people who have oily/normal/combo skin, would not recommend for ladies with drier faces.