Amphibian Ark-Saving Endangered Amphibians from Extinction - Global amphibian decline threatens frogs, toads and salamanders with extinction. AArk is saving endangered amphibians with ex situ amphibian conservation.

  • Amphibian Advocates - Amphibian Ark - At the Amphibian Ark, we know that dedicated amphibian conservationists and others who care for captive amphibians are making a big difference. 
  • What are Amphibians? - All about amphibian biology, taxonomy, ecology: frogs, toads, caecilians and salamanders. Learn about the decline of amphibians and their role in nature.
  • Amphibians as indicators of environmental health - Amphibians profoundly enhance our lives and our world in countless ways and are indicators of environmental health.
  • Amphibian husbandry resources - Amphibian Ark's husbandry resource pages include a range of documents, information and links to additional sources of amphibian husbandry information.
  • Amphibian Ark Staff - Staff Bios of the Amphibian Ark officers who oversee Ex Situ Amphibian Conservation
  • Amphibian Ark Newsletter - Subscribe to our newsletter to find out the latest amphibian conservation news and the status of frogs, toads, newts, salamanders and ceacilians.
  • How You Can Help - Amphibian Ark - There are many ways that all of us can help to protect the environment and to help save the world's precious amphibians.
  • Donation form to help save endangered amphibians - Your generous donation will help save the world's frogs, salamanders and caecilians from extinction
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