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  • Mr Leroy L Beavers Jr - Daughter wanted something to get her exercising

    Well the daughter wanted something to get her going. She wants to loose weight. And she asked me to get something for her. She wanted another game, But I told her I will get her something at a lesser price. She's Happy.

  • bloodmooner - Sugar, sugar, oh and more sugar!

    Of course the kids are going to gain weight! It is packed with sugar, corn syrup and other derivatives. Might as well give them a snickers bar after their meal or just skip the meal. This is ridiculous. I tasted that stuff and it was awful. I know you parents out there want the best for your kids, especially the picky eaters; but this is not the way to go.

  • Amazon Customer - the flaps are nicely made.

    The adhesive strip at the top of flap did not contour correctly and did not stick, otherwise, the flaps are nicely made.

  • PediatricianMom - Don't buy

    My PC was dying, so I switched to the Mac version of QB, figuring it would be great on my new Mac. WRONG! It would have been better to buy an inexpensive PC laptop just to run QB than to buy this terrible product. I don't know how they botched it when the PC version is so good. They said that they built it from the ground up for MAC, but they forgot all the features that make the PC version so good. I strongly recommend keeping your PC version of QB if that's what you already have!