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  • Dakota H. - Great for the Value!

    A great VR headset for a small price! Very comfortable, even while using for long periods of time. The only feature this product is really missing is a button, like from the Google cardboard. But many apps available are still able to function properly without it as well so it's not a big deal. Overall if you are looking for a headset to get started with that won't break the bank, then this is it.

  • Lisa - Went from "eh, it's okay" to "<3 <3 <3" within 10 minutes.

    They are not kidding when they have COCONUT as the biggest font on this container! It smells like...coconut. Like the coconut scent that reminds you of the beach and it really soothing at the same time.

  • Patti Buhler - Plan that works

    I figured out my body type from the information in the book and did the appropriate exercises. The exercises are not hard and are not very time consuming. I have several posteral issues that I've had all my life. After a couple of weeks I could feel that my body had changed - not that I lost weight, but that things were in different places. Later I noticed more changes. It's really helped with my postural issues - something no other exercise program had done. I'd recommend it.

  • Debbie - Love, Love this cookware

    I spent hours researching cookware. I finally decided on this set. I waited for it to go down in price. This is exactly what I was looking for. The set came in a timely manner and was packaged with extreme care. I live in Alaska and got free shipping also!! I love the weight, heavy, great looking and easy to clean. The lids are hard to store but minor inconvenience. I will be very careful and not put in diswasher and use only plactic utencils even though it says any utencils. I would highly recommend this cookware. Hope this is my last set for a while!!