Bayer Technology Services: Übersicht - Die Bayer AG ist ein leistungsstarker und betreibernaher Anbieter hochwertiger Technologielösungen für die chemisch-pharmazeutische Industrie.

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Jack's Dad - In a word, it's COOL!

    Bought it for a 14 year old boy building his first computer. In a word, it's COOL! Boy is building a gaming computer. With very little help from mom and dad. An adult who has built many computers is offering his services as a consultant. But Jack is searching the internet and learning everything he can about the various parts and the putting-it-together. Now, after about three months, he knows what he wants. This is his keyboard.

  • Janice Borgognoni - Wish it worked better but it does help

    Wish it worked better but it does help. Maybe I'm just expecting too much. I will still use it unless doctor says otherwise.

  • Kelly Sottelbaum - Finishing up where Brunton left off

    There are usually a couple of good, solid manufacturers for products like these. This gadget combines folding solar panels and a battery charger - in theory, it's multi-purpose: charge the batteries (4 AA batteries, must be charged all at the same time) and then use that reserve to charge your devices. The other purpose would be to plug in your device directly to the solar panel, and let the sun (almost) directly charge your stuff. The latter didn't work for my mp3 player or my phone - probably just not enough power being supplied.

  • Riverwalker - Replacement for my Dodge van.

    OEM replacement on my van. Fit the old connections and mountings on my van perfectly. Installed easily in less than 5 minutes.

  • cheri - Reader, you are going to experience a whole array of emotions

    Melanie and Green. An unlikely couple you might say if you've read the other books in the series where you meet them. Yet, they have a connection, one that they don't know about or understand. Everyone thinks Melanie is mourning the loss of Lance. While they only had one night, he died protecting her.

  • Keene Korinth - Fits the IPad Pro 9.7 and holds the pencil snugly.

    Received and have been using the case for a week. So far, it works as expected. It fit the IPad Pro 9.7 and holds the pencil snugly, as hoped. Exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend this product.