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    City: 10.1333 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  • Tino QuiƱones - Almost the perfect case.

    It's almost the perfect case, but the leather is a bit large. I've compared it to other larger cases and this one is s lot better in many ways and the TPU case fits my GS7e perfect.

  • Chasida Z. - Great

    This product is amazing, love it and so my wife. The problem I had disappeared and I do not use anymore any other product.

  • Alexander E. Paulsen - I really like this.

    I really like this. I think that when mixed with almond milk it is as good any any milkshake you can find. Yeah a little of the 'protein' taste but not objectionable at all. I use the vanilla with some Silk unsweetened almond milk for a great tasting drink.

  • Molly - Love it!

    This was a perfect fit, just as advertised. It's durable and doesn't interfere with the Kindle's functionality at all. Shipping was perfect - arrived just when it said it would. Would highly recommend this product.

  • Maureen Farrell - A Must Have Book!

    This book is great! I love the fact that it gives examples of itineraries for each park which allows you to get the most out of your vacation. The photos is this book are wonderful. Can't wait to start exploring!

  • Amazon Customer - Oily

    I, like many people, have gotten it at a kiosk. But not for the prices they're saying. I got the Naim set with oil and lotion, other products included, for $25 dollars. The only issue I have is that the foot lotion and hand lotion are both very thick and almost oily. You put it on, rub it in and then a few minutes later your palms feel sweaty. Rub them and it's the lotion, it thickens up when you rub it. Few more minutes and it feels wet again. Thing is, if you actually feel it, there not wet. It's very interesting but I don't like my hands to feel wet for half an hour every time I use it.

  • Norman G. - Child size is a better fit for an almost 3 year old

    I initially purchased the "toddler" size for my almost 3 year old and it was tight so I returned it and purchased the "child" size. The costume is decently made and very cute.