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  • Katie - Gets way too hot! Beware!!

    This product seemed too good to be true and it is. This iron gets way, way too hot for my hair. I have naturally wavy, thin hair that is dyed at the ends (but in pretty good shape damage-wise). Even trying to "glide" my hair super lightly with the correct motion I could smell my hair cooking- like a half step away from burning. I also use the Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep serum (which is a heat protector) and I have always loved the result on my hair after using heat tools. This iron got so hot it liquified it & left burnt gobs throughout my hair!! I've NEVER had a problem with any other iron, curlers, or straightener!

  • vintagetech - Great machine for home use

    First of all I have worked at a starbucks cafe in which I got to use the more industrial machine as well as had training in how to make the various drinks that people are so familiar with.

  • Clarence Helm - Do not buy - stops working after a month and they will not stand behind the warranty

    Do not buy this product. FItbit has a great dashboard and is awesome when it works, but they have horrible customer service and will not stand behind the warranty. I purchased mine through Amazon on 9/26/2013 and it stopped working on 11/18/2013. The tracker became unresponsive and stopped syncing and simultaneously the battery started dying within an hour of a full charge. I did not break it, it was not damaged in any way -- it just stopped working.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't bother.

    I ordered Nuribullet from the company. Just want to express the dissatisfaction with not only the product but the No Customer Service, Service! On the 3rd use the Extractor blade seal came out..tried to reset it but it will not reseal. Called the company and they did send a new blade but it took two weeks to get it. Now that cuts into the 30 day warranty. On the second use of the new blade again the seal let loose also can't reseal that one either. Called the company told my 30 day replacement warranty was up and I have pay S/H. So now, I have pay even more for a faulty product...WOW! So now I am going to file a complaint against Nuribullet, with the BBB.

  • Eric - DON'T USE

    I bought this to fix a very small hole in my radiator. The hole is not plugged, but it destroyed my thermostat. Any type of hose or pump this stuff gets in it will clog. Just buy the apoxy stuff, it's cheaper and way better.

  • Amazon Customer - Oh sweet Jesus this thing rocks

    I have been wearing this shirt for about 15 weeks and I have not needed to wash it! You don't put this shirt on your torso you put it on your soul. The day I bought this shirt I lost 300 lbs! I got a new chevy, a new Trailer and my kids quit meth. I now know that the moon on this shirt is not a picture but the moon itself. I am the Moon Star!!!!!!!

  • CrystalsBookWorld - #Kazishere....And I am not letting him go!

    Yes! I am excited The Revolution is now live. Congratulations S.L. Scott. This book was definitely worth the wait.