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  • Sheri - Thin and not much information

    Not much to this book and it's super thin. It did have a few really good key points, but overall I wasn't too thrilled about this after receiving it.

  • Kimberly - I like the smaller one with the pointed tip

    These are a decent little set of pruning shears. They are VERY sharp and cut cleanly without crushing the branches. I like the smaller one with the pointed tip. It makes it easier to do more precise trimming of smaller plants. These things slipped right in between all the close branches very easily. The pointed shears have a leather strap to lock it closed. The other has a mechanism that pivots. It works well and is easy to turn. Did I mention that these things are sharp? Use care that you don't slide a finger across the cutting surface of those blades! Overall, These shears work really well, the best part is that you get both types of shears so that you can do all kinds of jobs with them. I tried them out in several areas, they're very sharp, and cut nicely.

  • Ron Powell - Doesn't hold my off-shore statements but not all bad

    I was very disappointed since this binder can't hold all my off-shore statements from Switzerland, nor the Cayman Islands. Moreover, I can only get two years tax returns in the binder as well. Bummer. Also, I noticed that the only way the statements could be read was to sprinkle lemon juice on the pages wherein the numbers, graphs and figures would magically appear for a period of only ten minutes. When they disappeared, I called the help line to see where they went. I was told that off-shore statements are often automatically backed up and sent to the planet Kolob () where they can never again be seen by living beings. Not sure if this is true, but assuming the binders came from China, we know they have made great strides in partnering with anyone if they can make a buck, so it's quite possible.

  • Lissett Maxwell - Finally!

    This scrub is exactly like one that I tried in Florida. I searched stores & nothing compares. This is a perfect combination of coconut oil & scrubbing salt. It leaves your skin baby soft. Will definitely purchase again.