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Country:, Asia, JP

City: 139.69 , Japan

  • C. Zhang - Game is Terrible

    This game is absolutely terrible compared to previous Sim City games. The simulation is very shallow and the sims are not actually "simulated" as the promotional material may lead you to believe.

  • jimbodunky - Does not protect your iPhone

    My wife got this as a gift. The plastic is slippery, has no grip to it whatsoever. Which eventually led to the phone being dropped. And when it did, it landed on the side of the iPhone. Somehow still, the screen completely cracked spiderweb style and is now being used temporarily with clear shipping tape over the glass until we have time to get it replaced. The first job a phone case must do is protect the phone. This product failed miserably.

  • Travis - was easy to install

    was easy to install. my usual stations which were very strong before have been degraded. i now get static here and there depending where im at, where as before there was none. looks great on the truck though.

  • M. Blake - Just as expected

    Had to glue a violin back together. This product did the trick. I took the instrument to a violin maker after the gluing and they were impressed witht he quality of the glue. Great for instruments and antiques.

  • CrazyCatMom - However I'm attempting a return because I really don't like this at all

    To be fair I gave 2 stars. However I'm attempting a return because I really don't like this at all. It's not tailored anything like the photos. It's literally a square of material with a zipper diagonally sewed onto it. The way the hood is tailored on makes it awkward to have it zippered up. The zipper pulls the side of the hood across your neck. The pockets are super small. My hands can't even fit in them. Even my phone doesn't fit. Also the hood is absolutely tiny. I've never been told that I have a big head, but the hood on this barely cover my head. The only good thing about this sweatshirt is the material. Other than that it's crap.

  • Walter - Not bad but the alarm is too low

    The Wallet TrackR was easy to setup and bluetooth had a good range. The problem: the alarm was too low. Once in my wallet and it wallet is lost and underneath stuff, you can hardly hear it. Insight is another device, I believe from the same company. I like this more because the alarm is loud and has a really cool feature: send you an alert when you are out of range from your wallet. Real handy when I was leaving the gym and forgot my bag, as soon as I got into the car a proactive alarm was sent to me.

  • Jared B. Mason - Didn’t Translate Well, MS Office Outdated Anyway.

    The translation from legacy PC windows MS Office to Apple IOS’s MS Office was brutal. You have to download special patches for excel to make some of the programs work. It seems to run smoother on Apple and looks neater if that makes sense. Wish Apple would design something better than Windows Office but for now stuck with the same old, same old.