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  • Skeptik - easy to read and informative

    I get this every year to make sure I don't miss any tax breaks. It answers most all of my questions--too bad they don't have a California supplement for our California forms but other than that it's quite thorough and even entertaining at times.

  • Brandon Rideout - ... lasted about five seconds when my son pulled the hate down on his head and ears ripped off

    This costume lasted about five seconds when my son pulled the hate down on his head and ears ripped off. It's very cute, but not very durable.

  • Paula L. Phillips - One of the best Upcoming Female Mystery Writers

    Dr. Lacey Campbell is the best when it comes to identifying bones, though she is a trained dentist - growing up with a father as the county's Medical Examiner has had it's perks and now she is one of the best in the field of bones. When Lacey is called to a construction site to identify bones, she would never have guessed that this would be the start of a new serial killer and one that wanted her as the final prize. Ten years ago Lacey and her best friend Suzanne were out at a gym meet when they were attacked by what was later known as the Co-Ed Strangler. Lacey survived but her friend Suzanne was never seen again until now as the bones that Lacey has been sent to identify are those of her best friend. What surprises Lacey is that her best friend was pregnant ? So what happened to Suzanne's baby ? Lacey will get the surprise of her life when she realises it's closer than she ever imagined. Who is wanting to exact revenge on those who suffered at the hands of the serial killer and those who put him away for life ? Hidden was such a compacted action-packed novel that had me flipping pages and on the seat of my pants as I was drawn into the story. I loved Hidden so much, that I ended up going on Amazon and purchasing the rest of Kendra Elliot's books to date. So if you love murder mysteries and looking for another author to get stuck into check out Kendra Elliot and her Bone Secrets Series featuring Dr. Lacey Campbell.

  • Edwin Santana - Could have been great if it actually worked!

    Its funny. The samplitude pro demo program that retails for $700+ works perfectly fine and is made by the same company. Music maker can barely run for 5 minutes without crashing! The program is so feature rich and I would love to use it as my main DAW but it is unreliable at best. My computer is a full xeon class workstation with 32gb ram and quadro graphics and dedicated sound. The program has no reason to crash and glitch and fail to load audio or recordings. Its like they purposely crippled music maker to push their higher end products. Do yourself a favor and don't waste money like I did on this junk program. It has potential but should have never been released in this buggy state. I've tried it on 3 other computers with the same results. It doesn't matter if its on windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or vista. The program will glitch and will crash especially after recording something great. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  • Heather - Actually Worked

    I bought Diatomaceous Earth because it was recommended to me by my father. I was having some stomach problems at the time and he thought it might help. Once I received the bag of Diatomaceous Earth I began taking it religiously morning and night. The first couple of times that I took this product I could actually feels it going down into my stomach. I began encouraging the rest of my household to take it too. My boyfriend was also having stomach problems and after taking Diatomaceous Earth for a couple of days he admitted that it help his stomach problems. After a couple of months I slowly stopped taking it twice a day and began taking it once a day. I was having some other medical problems and when I was at one of my doctors appointments I brought up Diatomaceous Earth the doctor pretty much told me it was a bunch of b.s. I beg to differ, I suggest to anyone interested to try a bag a see how it affects you. I might help your illness like it did for me.

  • Shirley Hawley - Worked but can't afford

    Did work for me but the cost is more than I could afford so I have to find something that is affordable.