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  • RON B. - Pretty scary

    This is one of the better scary horror movies that have been out lately, this is actually a lot better than the first one that came out a couple of years ago,

  • Amazon Customer - For pops!

    Got this for pops since he was a fanatic freak of the Beatles, particularly George Harrison as well as the legendary Sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar. It's a good thing that this arrive last week because i am gonna give this one to him as a Christmas gift this Christmas! Had them checked and they said that it is authentic!

  • D. Humberd - Elliptical Trainer Sole E25

    This Elliptical is smooth and steady. I love the different types of workout program as well as the options to vary the step incline and the resistence levels. Two things that I wish were chaged are: You cannot shut off the machine, unless you unplug it. You have to wait 20 min and then it will automatically shut off. I have used several elliptical trainers and the caloric reading appears to be very low compared to others. For example, the average calories burned on most machines and by most caloric workout charts is 300 calories for a 1/2 hr on an elliptical machine, however, this one reads about 160-180 for the same workout.

  • Scarlett Ian - Great historical Romance

    Callie Hutton writes this story so well I felt like I was in the book with these characters. I loved history when I was in school and so it follows that historicals are one of my favorite types of romance books. This one was no exception. I loved how she captured the relationship between Richard & Eugenia as well as the struggle for each of them to come to terms with what they want out of their marriage. Both of them so clearly want more with their relationship together but neither of them wants to be improper or scare the other away as they were both raised with the understanding of what a 'proper' marriage would entail. I especially loved the 'naughty book' that Eugenia stumbled across – the 'tips' that Eugenia read about are so applicable in today's world as well (ok maybe not all of them – I'm pretty sure a bare ankle isn't as titillating nowadays). Through the entire book, you can clearly tell how much the characters care for each other and it's such a sweet story; parts of it made me almost swoon and then others wanted me to shake the characters with frustration. This book was different than most of the romances set in that period, and that was very refreshing – most of the historical romances I've stumbled across have taken place during courtship before the marriage. This one starts out after the couple is already married for a time. This was my first Callie Hutton book but I am absolutely adding some of her other books to my list.

  • Jackie - Awesome

    Awesome. Works just like it does on the tv. If you have problems with the app just shut down your kindle and turn it back on.

  • Marilyn A. Livecchi - Barbie Collector

    Every year at Christmastime I order the new Holiday Barbie as my daughter collects these and she has everyone since they started. Her husband is building a large size bookcase to store them all in. Thanks again Amazon for making it easy for me to purchase these dolls. You make my life so much easier.